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Thanks to technological advancements, sex dolls are nothing like they were just a few years ago. Nowadays, the best ones look hyper-realistic. Their skin feels like a real one, and they can moan. Besides, they can warm up after a while, stand on their feet, and much more. Buyers can even customize pretty much everything on them and make the sex doll look like the woman of their dreams. 

Recently, the sex doll market also saw the introduction of sex robots. Naturally, that got many people excited and curious. Consequently, people started wondering whether the time of sex dolls is over and perhaps sex robots are here to replace them.

Considering that there is a lot of speculation online, we’ve decided to make a factual comparison between sex dolls and sex robots. That way, you can determine what works best for you.

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Sex Robots

In terms of appearance, sex robots are practically identical to the best premium sex dolls. They are almost indistinguishable from sex dolls as they are made from identical or similar materials (TPEand/or Silicone). Sex robots can even be customized in the same manners as sex dolls. That is another department in which sex robots are not distinguishable from sex dolls. 

That begs the question, why pay more for a sex robot when it is so similar to a sex doll? And yes, on average, sex robots are more expensive than sex dolls. Sometimes the price difference between a sex robot and a sex doll is calculated in thousands of dollars. 

Anyways, price range aside, here is what makes sex robots different than sex dolls. 

1. Sex robots can talk

Thanks to recent advancements in artificial intelligence, sex robots have the gift of verbal communication. In addition to being pre-programmed to respond to some verbal commands, they also have learning capabilities. That means their AI can learn from new things. 

So sex robots can learn new tricks after a while. That means the more you use your sex robot, and the more you interact with it, the smarter they become.

You can have a conversation with your sex robot, flirt, or maybe exchange some naughty thoughts. But then again, don’t expect a deep conversation about stuff or any life advice. They are not there yet. After, these are not the sex robots/androids you’ve seen on Westworld. We are still not there, and technology still needs to evolve until we can produce something similar to Westworld. 

2. Sex robots are responsive

The fact that your sex robot can talk is fantastic, but there is something else that is evenly more exciting. Their body incorporates highly sensitive sensors.

Every time you caress or touch the sex robot, it will moan. The more you caress or touch it, the moan and the sexy sounds intensify, much like with a real woman. So, you can bet that your bedroom can get quite noisy once you start doing your thing. 

All that can contribute to a sexual experience that is highly stimulating and very similar to sex with a living person.

3. A new level of companionship

The core idea behind sex dolls is that they provide unconditional companionship and sex. Sex robots appear to follow that philosophy perfectly. We say that because sex robots can talk, interact during sexual intercourse, moan, and even learn. 

That appears as the complete package. So, it is not about sex anymore. You can start an actual conversation with your sex robot. You can tell it about your day, about the film you saw, and pretty much everything else. The sex robot will listen and will respond to that. However, the sex robot won’t stop you in the middle of your talk, not burden you with problems of its own, or yell at you for no reason at all. 

All in all, for a one-time fee, you get a compassionate partner that understands you and is unconditionally supportive. Not to mention, the sex is incredible.

Just because the sex robots are here, it does not mean that the classic sex dolls will vanish overnight. On the contrary, the sex dolls fan base is stronger than ever. There are millions of people crazy about these hyper-realistic TPE/silicon-based beauties. Here are the prevailing reasons behind that craze:

1. Sex dolls are convenient

People are familiar with sex dolls, and they are comfortable with them. Moreover, maintaining a sex doll is relatively simple and convenient for most sex doll lovers. Plus, many service centers are available if a doll problem occurs that can not be solved at home using home tools. Moreover, there is a big online community of sex doll lovers who are always willing to share tips or recommendations on stuff such as sex doll maintenance.

2. Numerous customization possibilities

Personalizing a sex doll is a big part of the overall appeal of these silicone/TPE beauties. Choosing their breasts, nipples, vagina, hairstyle, skin color, all that is super-important to sex doll lovers. Often, personalization allows people to create the doll, which strongly resembles the woman of their dreams. When the personalized sex doll is delivered to their door, they receive one made per their style and personal preferences. 

Some of the personalization options have become very sophisticated. Things such as shrugging skeleton, the ability to make your sex doll stand, increasing heat, moaning, the various breasts implants, implanted hair were not always possible. However, advancements in technology and materials, along with the perfected craftsmanship, have made that possible. The level of realism in sex dolls that we have today is revolutionary.

3. Plenty to choose from

The ever-growing demand is the primary reason why so many manufacturers are making sex dolls. Furthermore, there are so many options to choose from. Again, this is very convenient for sex doll lovers from all over the world. Of course, it helps that almost all sex dolls are shipped and sold worldwide and not limited to the country of production. 

Nowadays, you have sex dolls inspired by film characters, overly busty dolls, dolls inspired by anime characters, sex dolls inspired by singers, etc. Practically, there is a sex doll for almost every fantasy and fetish. The point here is that whatever you might be into, there is a big chance that there is a sex doll for it. 

Having a wide selection and numerous brands fighting for your attention also means competitive prices. For example, premium sex dolls still cost top dollars, but their price would be a lot higher if only one or two manufacturers were on the market. There are so many brands and manufacturers out there is a sign of healthy market competition. Simply put, the chances of overblown prices are slim to nothing.

Pros and Cons - Sex Dolls VS Sex Robots


• Easy maintenance
• Easy to handle
• Cost less than sex robots
• Numerous personalization options
• Plenty of sex dolls to choose from
• They are very realistic.
• When properly maintained, they can last for many years.
• There is a wide community of sex doll lovers online.


• Personalizing a sex doll significantly increases its cost.
• They are non-verbal.

Sex Robots


• They are verbal.
• They react to your touch, making it even more fun.
• You can personalize them as per your preferences.
• They are very realistic.
• They learn to get better.


• They are expensive.
• Their artificial intelligence is still limited.
• Repair takes time because they are very complicated and there aren’t too many repair centers available.

Bottom Line

The winner of this contest is SEX DOLLS. Some of you were probably cheering for sex robots, and we understand if you are disappointed by our call. It wasn’t easy for us as well, and sex dolls won by a nose. But please hear our reasoning why we didn’t choose sex robots. 

First and most importantly, sex robots are still a work in progress. Like it or not, they are not as sophisticated as we would like them to be. All those novel features, the AI, the verbal functions, are quite appealing. But the overall impression is that they can use some refinement. Then their price can get inexplicably high, 10K and sometimes more. 

For those reasons, at this point, sex dolls win. They are more convenient, and there is more to choose from. You get a wide range of personalization options, easy maintenance, and a big online community. Furthermore, you don’t need to take a bank loan to buy one.

So, until the sex robots start behaving more like the ones on Westworld and less like talking dolls, sex dolls still are doll lovers’ favorite.

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