About Us

Hey guys, Slook here. I am the owner of Wonder Doll Blog. 

Apparently, I am a sex doll lover. I have bought dozens of sex dolls in my life. There are 3 reasons why I started Wonder Doll Blog:

Help You to select the right doll

Trust me, most of the sellers out there are selling RUBBISH to you. One of the purpose of this blog is to help you identify the best sex dolls to get for yourself.

Provide Caring guide

When you spent USD2000 to get a sex doll, it is necessary to take good care of her. So you are in the right place to learn how to take care of your beloved sex doll.

Share everything about sex dolls

Sex doll lovers are in a tight community. I hope to create a place that we can share and learn.

Dominique Sex Doll

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