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Everything You Need To Know About Sex Dolls

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For most men out there, the only option available to them for indulging in sexual activity is to find a suitable partner. This could be a wife, a girlfriend, a “lady of the night,” or any other woman willing to have sex with them.

Now, what if we told you there’s also the option of having your very own sex doll that can easily fulfil even the deepest of sexual fantasies you have harbored, whenever you want?

Yes, such an option does exist.

And this article, this page, is all about that – the infinitely charming and pleasurable world of dolls.

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Why do we need sex dolls in our lives?

To get a better understanding of the need for sex dolls in our lives, it would only be appropriate that we first have a good understanding of what is a sex doll.

What is a sex doll?

Essentially, a sex doll is a life like replica of a real woman closest in form, shape, and appearance, to your dream woman. Although nonhuman in reality, she comes nearest to the feminine body type that consistently attracts you the most.

As a result, you are ever willing to have sex with your prized doll.

Given the ever-increasing realistic design and appearance of contemporary sex dolls, their charm has increased manifold.

Further, given the extent to which every single aspect of a sex doll can be customized, such as hair color, eye color, breast size, nipple color, and even the nail paint on their hands and feet, among countless other options, men like you are completely spoilt for choice. Finally, you have a sex doll that is entirely to your unique taste and preference.

Now, having given you a good perspective on what is a sex doll, let us look at reasons for which we need them in our lives.

Always by our side

Unlike real life companions who may leave us at any point in time, whether by choice or compulsion (due to death, for example), sex dolls are always by our side. They never leave us and go away. Come night or day, or rain or sunshine, they are there to fulfil your sexual needs whenever you have the urge.

This is in complete contrast to the behavior witnessed in case of many “real women” who often use sex as a controlling mechanism to manipulate their men. In particular, they are never loath to deny sex to their men, simply as a means of having their way or just not giving their partner what he wants.

With a sex doll, there are simply no such complications involved. You just go ahead and do your thing whenever you feel like.

The vital importance of sex

Sex is an innate, instinctive desire. Whether it is us humans or animals, we all need it not only for procreation but for mental and physical pleasure. As we indicated in the previous point, getting sex when we want it may not always be easy with a real-life partner.

But with a sex doll, you can have sex anytime anywhere. Thus, they fulfil a vital element of life, which is sexual gratification, whenever the urge for it is felt.

Unfortunately, in many societies around the world, there are restrictions galore whereby fulfilling this innate need proves particularly challenging. In all such situations, having a sex doll by your side proves very handy since it is always available for sex, sans any restrictions or inhibitions whatsoever.

In fact, this inhibition aspect deserves a special mention since a lot of countries/societies/communities often associate sexual activity with being a shameful/sinful indulgence. With a sex doll, of course, there is absolutely no need to feel ashamed or guilty, especially when you indulge yourself in the confines of your home or any other private space.

Combating loneliness

However carnal our innate desires maybe, at the end of the day, we are emotional beings. Somewhere, there is an intricate connection between sexual satisfaction and emotional wellbeing.

In the absence of a life/love partner, loneliness tends to creep in rather quickly.

Now, the very act of sex often ends up helping to combat loneliness. Moreover, given the genuinely life like structure and design of sex dolls these days, they are as good as having a human-like partner alongside.

In other words, tackling loneliness woes becomes a whole lot easier with sex dolls in tow.

This point deserves further emphasis in the context of the prolonged COVID-19 pandemic that we have all unfortunately found ourselves in. With social distancing becoming not just a recommendation but rather a compulsion (no matter how disdainfully), the whole coronavirus scenario has pushed us into leading a life of isolation.

Of course, that does not take away our sexual urges. On the contrary, since they get curbed, the desires are felt even more.

How best to fulfil them then? Of course, with a gorgeous, head turning sex doll!

Definite ego boost

For a lot of men out there, getting sex when they want serves as a major ego booster. Unfortunately, in real life, ensuring that at all times is far easier said than done. The challenge is invariably compounded for unmarried men or men who are not in a relationship and do not have a partner as such.

With a sex doll by their side though, men from all walks of life, irrespective of their relationship status, can easily go ahead and fulfil their sexual desires whenever they please.

Doing so definitely serves as a huge ego booster that, in turn, contributes towards overall wellbeing and happiness.

Over time, men who may otherwise have lacked self-confidence and belief in themselves, also begin to experience a dramatic transformation. It is as though they’ve received a booster dose of vigor and vitality in their lives.

Health and hygiene

A major reason to consider having sex dolls in our lives is the health and hygiene factor.

As you are well aware, frequent unprotected sex with casual partners carries infinite risks of a number of STDs or sexually transmitted diseases.

When you copulate with your sex doll though, such a risk is completely non-existent. There is simply no way that she can pass on any kind of sexual or other infection to you.

Given the relatively high incidence of STDs that we are seeing around the world, be it HIV/AIDS, chlamydia, gonorrhoea, or syphilis to name a few, the risk of frequently indulging in casual sex with multiple partners is simply not worth it.

Instead, sex with a gorgeous sex doll is the best way forward in ensuring that one stays away completely from any of these sexual or other infectious diseases.

Who needs a sex doll?

Each year, we see an explosion in the sales of sex dolls. Clearly, there is a prolific demand for these sex dolls, out there in the market.

So, who exactly is it that needs a sex doll? What kind of people are ordering sex dolls for themselves?

We explore these questions and more, in this section of this article.

Who needs sex doll

Lonely folks

Lonely folks do form a considerable portion of the clientele seeking out sex dolls for themselves.

As we had mentioned previously, it is not necessarily those who are lonely due to social inhibitions. Rather, it may simply be a matter of circumstances. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is an apt example of an enforced situation where many of us have been compelled into loneliness.

Another instance is the absence of a sex partner. Examples include bachelors, divorcees as well as widowers, among others. These are individuals who do not have the privilege of a human sex partner; in such circumstances, a sex doll proves to be the perfect solution.

Also think about men who are otherwise in active physical relationships with their wives or girlfriends, etc. but somehow find themselves temporarily in a situation where they are located at a prominent distance. An appropriate example would be those in the defense forces who often find themselves posted in remote places. The same is the case with many other transferable jobs where it may not always be feasible to have partners or families alongside.

The bottom line is that there could be a complete multitude of circumstances behind anyone being lonely. In fact, a better term to describe this state of affairs would probably be ‘solitude,’ which has somewhat lesser of a sad connotation than lonely.

Therefore, men in a state of solitude are quite likely to be sex doll customers.

Who needs sex doll

Men with bitter experiences with women

Whenever we get into a relationship, we, of course, hope, wish, and pray for the best. Unfortunately, things do not always work out that way. For what may well be plenty of varied reasons, relationships stutter.

Now, when this happens all too often, men find themselves with a mindset where they are simply put off by ‘real women.’ They neither want to see them nor would like to indulge socially with them in any manner.

However, the desire for sex remains intact. Remember what we said earlier about sex being an innate, instinctive desire? No matter how much you may be put off by women in general, you simply cannot curb your natural, sexual urges.

In such circumstances, sex dolls prove to be the ideal work around for men who may otherwise be completely off ‘real women;’ sex dolls give them exactly what they need, without any of the unpleasantness that everyday women remind them of.

Socially awkward men

Not all of us are the same; naturally, not all men are the same. While plenty of men tend to be socially confident and gregarious, some are not. This latter group finds it difficult to interact with the other sex. That being the case, their prospects of forming sexual relationships with women tend to be rather low.

For such men, sex dolls prove to be the ideal way out. After all, there is no compulsion whatsoever to socially interact with sex dolls. Once purchased, they are theirs to have sex with, any time of day or night.

If we look at the subset of men who commonly buy sex dolls, we do find such men to form a sizable portion.

These men are not necessarily the loners we referred to previously. Often, they do have social circles of their own. However, such circles may be limited to men only. Almost always, there is no sexual aspect associated to these interactions. Rather, their sex life comes alive only in the company of their sex dolls.

Social/Religious/Communal Taboos

For a considerable number of men, sex dolls are the only way they can have sex privately while retaining the public image that is expected out of them. An instance would be religious priests, many of whom are expected to practice celibacy.

Now, as we have repeatedly asserted, sex is an instinctual desire. To the maximum extent possible, it should not be curbed. Whenever that is done, sexual urges arise, one way or the other.

This same aspect is accentuated at an entire communal – and depending on the nation, even at a country level. For instance, there are societies where sexual activity is a complete taboo. Again, the factor at play is inhibiting a natural instinct.

When this is done, the most obvious and straightforward way out is to opt for a sex doll with which sexual activity can be undertaken in private without any qualms.

Extreme sex drives

There are some men out there whose sex drive is prolific. Their voracious appetite for sex leads to a situation where they simply cannot have enough of it. Often, their partners are simply fed up with giving in to their sexual demands. At some point, they outright refuse to have sex anymore with such men.

In such instances too, sex dolls prove to be a virtual godsend since these men can then channelize their sexual drive on these dolls. With their sexual needs duly fulfilled, it proves to be a solution where everyone benefits. After all, on one hand, their partners no longer need to contend with their extreme sexual desires. On the other, these same men experience complete sexual gratification with these sex dolls.

Men are not the only ones buying sex dolls!

If you thought that men are the only ones buying sex dolls, then you are mistaken!

Given the life like and particularly attractive design of sex dolls these days, a lot of women find themselves drawn to them as well.

Yes, these could be lesbians or bisexual women. They could also include experimental women who are keen to try out the experience of getting kinky with a sex doll as opposed to a real partner.

A lot of the scenarios we alluded towards previously apply in this case as well. For instance, there could be women who are socially awkward or loners, etc. In such instances too, we find women taking the lead in acquiring sex dolls for themselves.

TPE vs Silicone Sex Doll

Now, when it comes to sex dolls, there are obviously various kinds of them.

As far as the basic structure, design, or the material that is used to make them is concerned, we most commonly find either TPE or silicone being deployed.

What is the difference between the two? Is one of them superior to the other? If so, how?

These are some frequent questions often on the minds of sex doll enthusiasts. Accordingly, in this section of this article, we closely examine the pros and cons of TPE and silicone sex dolls. After doing so, we share our verdict on which one of these two we deem to be better than the other.

TPE Sex Dolls

Let us start by looking at TPE sex dolls.

The first thing you want to know is what is TPE. TPE stands for Thermoplastic Elastomer. In simple terms, it is a mix of different polymers a like rubber and plastic. Besides using it to make charming sex dolls, TPE commonly finds application in automobile and consumer durables industries. Likely, you will already find items at home that are made of TPE.

The reasons for which TPE is preferred as a material for making fascinating sex dolls (as well as many other everyday items) include its pliability, its soft touch, as well as the ease with which it can be molded.

Advantages of TPE Sex Dolls

More cost-effective

Compared to silicone dolls, you will find TPE dolls to be reasonably cheaper, without any compromise in quality.

Greater flexibility

TPE sex dolls tend to be more flexible than their silicone counterparts. While having sex with your sex doll, you can flexibly bend it over in almost any position of your choice. Essentially, with TPE sex dolls, the entire sexual experience is almost as good as with a real human being.

No foul order

Some sex dolls tend to have an off-putting plasticky smell to them. That is not the case with TPE sex dolls which do not carry any foul smell.

Heat sensors installation

TPE sex dolls have a unique capability where heat sensors can be installed in them. As a result, they can replicate the body temperatures of human beings, thus giving users like you an even more realistic experience.

More realistic

Overall, especially when we take the abovementioned aspects into consideration in tandem, TPE sex dolls come across as significantly more realistic than silicone sex dolls. Whether it is their touch, their flexibility, or the overall vibes that one gets from sex dolls in general, TPE sex dolls give a more realistic experience.

Disadvantages of TPE Sex Dolls

Greater effort to maintain

As compared to silicone dolls, TPE dolls are harder to maintain. A case in point would be higher probability of stains or molding appearing on them if you do not frequently clean them after usage. Areas of the doll where fluid exchange is more probable such as the vagina, anus, or the mouth are particularly susceptible; greater effort is expected to be made on keeping these areas clean and dry.

Greater impact of heat

As compared to silicone sex dolls, TPE ones are more vulnerable to elevated temperatures to the extent that they can even end up melting away. Therefore, in case of exceedingly feverish temperatures make sure to keep TPE sex dolls suitably insulated.

Possibility of catching stains

TPE sex dolls can easily catch stains from your clothes, especially if you wear dark colored ones during the act. Therefore, while fornicating with your TPE sex doll, we recommend you wear light colored clothes only (or better still, why wear anything at all?!).

Silicone Sex Dolls

Contrary to TPE sex dolls, these dolls are made of silicone – as the name obviously suggests.

Silicone is also referred to as polysiloxane. This consists of silicon polymer that has been mixed with oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

Besides its use in making irresistible sex dolls, silicone finds application in various other applications that include biomedical implants, electrical insulation, and more. Such uses are made possible thanks to some unique features of silicone that include its stability at extreme temperatures, oxidation resistance, as well as reasonable chemical inertness.

Advantages of Silicone Sex Dolls

Quite realistic

While TPE sex dolls – as we mentioned in the previous section, are quite realistic, silicone sex dolls are also no less. This is particularly true in the light of a greater degree of firmness seen in case of silicone sex dolls.

Easier to maintain

You would recall that we described TPE sex dolls as being somewhat harder to maintain. As a corollary, silicone sex dolls are far easier to maintain.

Keeping them clean is a breeze

Related to the above point is the fact that silicone sex dolls are quite easy to clean; thus, easy to maintain as well. A big reason for this is their nonporous nature; with nothing (such as liquids) passing through, silicone sex dolls prove particularly easy to keep clean and well maintained.

Minimal impact of heat

Unlike TPE dolls, their silicone counterparts are fairly resistant to heat so much so that you can easily go ahead and enjoy a hot bath with your beloved silicone sex doll without fearing she will melt away!

Disadvantages of Silicone Sex Dolls


Between TPE and silicone sex dolls you will invariably find silicone ones to be more expensive by a significant measure.

Not as flexible

On the flexibility quotient too, you will find silicone sex dolls not scoring as well as TPE ones. Bending them over or moving their body parts around as per your tastes may not be as easy as with TPE sex dolls.

Less elastic

Related to the previous point about flexibility is the fact that silicone sex dolls tend to be less elastic. As a result, you may not feel the wobbliness one typically does when messing around with the breasts or buttocks of TPE sex dolls (or real women for that matter).

Choosing between the Two

It is clearly not an easy decision to choose between TPE and silicone dolls.

As we have highlighted in the previous sections, both have their distinct advantages and disadvantages. This aspect is further accentuated by the fact that men – the primary customers of these sex dolls, have their own unique preferences.

While some may like the fact that silicone sex dolls are resistant to extreme temperatures – and therefore can easily shower with their adored doll, others favor tensile TPE sex dolls.

There are still others who are more cost conscious, driving them towards TPE sex dolls while for many customers, this may not be a significant factor.

Therefore, the lesson to learn here is for you to clearly identify what is important to you; that should be the driving force behind your decision to choose between TPE and silicone sex dolls.

By and large, we have observed that flexibility and a slightly superior degree of realism (even though silicone dolls are also very realistic) lends TPE sex dolls the edge while choosing between the two.

The history of sex dolls

Looking back at the history of sex dolls makes for some genuinely interesting reading. While most of the stories are real, some are anecdotal as well.

Nonetheless, below we share a number of rather exciting stories around sex dolls that provide a good perspective on their history.

One of the first stories doing the rounds is that of the renowned sculptor, Pygmalion. He carved a woman apparently so beautiful that he fell in love with his own creation, giving her the name of Galatea. Not only that but also his wish that she turns into a real woman was granted by Venus, the Roman goddess of love, sexuality, and beauty. From thereon, they lived happily ever after, even having a daughter by the name of Paphos.

A similar story often told is that of French philosopher Rene Descartes. When Sweden’s Queen Christina invited him over to be her tutor, sailors on board the ship he sailed on saw him in the company of a particularly charming woman. Strangely, she was not seen again during the journey. Finally, when their curiosity knew no bounds and the sailors broke into Descartes’ cabin, they noticed that the “woman” they had seen previously was nothing more than a life size doll.

Dutch sailors in the 17th century are also said to have sailed around carrying sex dolls made of cloth and sewn with leather. These dolls helped these sailors to relieve themselves of the sexual tensions they experienced frequently during their long voyages.

Yet another story around the history of sex dolls involves Germany’s Adolf Hitler himself. Apparently, he had himself commissioned the creation of sex dolls for German soldiers posted around the Borghild Project. This was done to dissuade these soldiers from fornicating with women from races other than Aryan. Another reason was preventing the spread of syphilis that was rampant at that time. Meticulous planning went into this entire concept with the dolls being designed in a manner that they would easily fit into the soldiers’ backpacks.

As a result, it is often speculated that modern day sex dolls originated in Germany; there is an actual sex doll called Bild Lilli doll that came to the fore there in the 1950s. Based on a sexy comic character called Lilli, this was not a penetrable doll though.

The United States saw sex dolls becoming mainstream in 1968, after porn magazines started advertising them. Subsequently, they became a common sight in sex shops across the country. These were early days with the dolls in question being more like toys rather than actual dolls you could have sex with – without doing any damage to them.

It was only in the late nineties that sex dolls as we know them today began to take shape. This was due to the efforts of talented artist Matt McMullen who began crafting lifelike silicone mannequins. He began documenting his progress on his website. As inquiries started pouring in, he knew he was onto something that had a clear demand out there in the market.

The future trend of sex dolls

If we are to speculate on the future of sex dolls, the prospects are clearly very bright.

Both in the immediate past as well as the upcoming future, prolonged quarantine restrictions and social distancing norms have raised the demand for sex dolls. This is, of course, unlikely to be sustained; the COVID-19 pandemic will be over at some stage, eventually.

However, we must keep in mind the fact that far more people have discovered the charm of sex dolls, all thanks to the pandemic. This is an experience that they would not have had, if not for the prolonged bouts of isolation that so many of us have been compelled to go through.

A lot of this heightened demand also has to do with the consistent improvements we are seeing in the quality of sex dolls available in the market. While in the past, these dolls were more of a naughty prank or gig played out at a party, things have changed dramatically with contemporary sex dolls oozing superior quality at every step.

We must also consider the wider market we are seeing for sex dolls today; while in the past they have mostly been associated with single men only, that trend is changing rapidly. Today you have a lot of couples eager to experiment with their sex lives where sex dolls play a vital role.

Alongside, you have women who are also seeking out pleasure with sex dolls that cater to them. Members of the LGBTQ+ community are also opening to the idea of sex dolls in a significant way. Another social segment we often overlook is people with disabilities; in the absence of opportunities to sexually gratify themselves with real people, they are often compelled to make do with sex dolls.

Wider health consciousness

This is an oft overlooked aspect that is on the minds of a large segment of contemporary society. As compared to the experience of sexual activity with a ‘real’ human being, sex with a doll is clearly a completely safe proposition, with no risk of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) or even infectious ones such as the coronavirus.

A lot of people out there simply do not want to take chances with their health. For them, sex with a sex doll proves to be the ideal, risk-free way for venting out their sexual urges.

Lonely man

Nuclear societies, crumbling relationships

Another contemporary reality that will clearly play a greater part in future trends would be the extent to which we are increasingly living in nuclear societies, very often all by ourselves.

Crumbling relationships with our spouses and other family members are progressively responsible for this trend. Career prospects and other compulsions of everyday life are also driving us to live isolated lives.

For reasons like the above, we do anticipate the demand for sex dolls to be significantly higher in the future, especially as their quality – and the real-life experience that they provide, continues to improve tremendously.

How to find your perfect match (of a sex doll)

The one size fits all adage does not apply in most real-life situations. The choice of a doll is no exception. There are many factors that come into play while choosing what may be considered a perfect match of a sex doll.

Below we look at some factors that you can consider while selecting the most ideal sex doll for yourself.

female body shape

Your idea of attractiveness

Perhaps the most compelling factor while choosing your perfect match of a sex doll would be your idea of attractiveness among women in general.

Remember that so many of us have our own unique tastes and preferences among women. While some of us like them short (petite is probably the right word), others like them tall. Similarly, while there is quite a strong preference for curvy women, there are a lot of men who like the women to be slim.

Now, in the context of sex dolls, the mind-boggling choices available to customers have spoilt them completely (in an exceptionally effective way, of course!). Practically every aspect of a her can be customized. You want big firm breasts with vivacious pink nipples? No problem, you will get exactly that. You want your doll to have eyes of a certain color or hair of a certain style? Again, that will not be a concern.

Therefore, keep your idea of attractiveness in mind while selecting the perfect sex doll for you.

Choice of material

While there are sex dolls of many diverse kinds available in the market, broadly we find them to be made of two dissimilar materials – TPE and silicone.

You can refer to the previous section above where we did a detailed comparison between dolls made of these two materials. Broadly, we would assert that if flexibility of your doll is of utmost importance to you, then a TPE doll would be the right choice. On the other hand, if you are keener on a sex doll that is easier to maintain and resistant to hot temperatures, then opt for a silicone sex doll.


Put simply, you shouldn’t have to break bank in order to get yourself a doll, notwithstanding the relatively high prices at which they come.

Talking about the materials aspect referred to above, it is silicone sex dolls that frequently prove costlier.

At the same time, a greater degree of customization, irrespective of the material used, can drive prices up.

Different sellers (rather obviously) also have their unique selling price points for the same (or similar) kind of sex dolls, which can end up having a major impact on your final cost outlay.

The bottom line, therefore, is that there are multiple factors at play that determine the cost of sex dolls. It is your guile, combined with your preferences as well as the research that you undertake, that will altogether determine an ideal price point – the sweet spot so to say, which meets your requirement the best.

Customization for a better experience

Unbelievably, there are few things in life that can be customized to the extent that sex dolls can. There’s practically no aspect of a sex doll that cannot be customized.

Now, given the ever-increasing clientele of sex dolls – all of whom come with their own unique tastes and preferences, customization has become central to the very idea of creating sex dolls. In other words, if there is no customization, there are no sex dolls!

With these thoughts in mind, we look at customization options available to doll lovers like you so that you can make the best possible choice for yourself. We say this especially because they are not an inexpensive proposition; it does take a reasonable investment to purchase them. Under such circumstances, you might as well customize to the best extent possible (as per your preferences) so that you end up with nothing but the finest custom sex doll that is entirely to your liking.


At a particularly broad level, is the selection of a sex doll that belongs to a particular race. While commonly, blondes are most frequently depicted among sex dolls, other choices are also available. For instance, a lot of western men prefer East Asian women. For such men, sex dolls with mongoloid features maybe maximally appealing. There are still other men who prefer black (or African origin) women while there is a huge chunk of men out there who prefer Latinas. Choices of such disparate custom sex dolls with varying racial origins are also available.


Hairstyle options available to customers include straight or wavy hair. They may also be cut or styled in a certain way that is most appealing to certain customers.

Custom Sex Doll Hairstyle

Hair color

A crucial element of custom sex dolls is the color of their hair. While blonde hair color is the most preferred choice among majority of customers, it is not the only one. Today, a lot of doll lovers prefer brunettes. There is an equally large clientele out there that prefers black hair on their dream girls.

The bottom line is that sex doll manufacturers can easily supply their offerings in varied hair color, as desired by their customers.

Color of the eyes

Another strong preference among custom sex doll customers (strong enough to make or break their decision to purchase) pertains to eye color. Choices available include brown, black, emerald, blue, green, and purple.

Custom Sex Doll Mouth


You didn’t see this coming, did you? Yes, as surprising as it may seem, we can also customize her mouth with an enhanced tongue.

Custom Sex Doll Breast

Breast type

Men can never have enough of female breasts, can they? In this case, custom sex dolls choices available include solid firm breasts, hollow breasts, and extra soft gel-filled breasts.

Custom Sex Doll Nipple

Nipple color and size

Nipple color selections on offer include natural, pink, and dark. In the same breath, nipple sizes can be customized in terms of small, normal, and large.

Custom Sex Doll Vagina


This is where your sex doll is likely to see maximum action from you. Accordingly, the customization choices on this front are also tremendous.

Starting off, you have the choice of a fixed or a removable vagina on your custom girl. Next, you have the choice of colors that include natural, pink, and dark. Finally, there’s also the aspect of pubic hair; besides the completely hairless option, you have three different choices available to you with progressively increasing amounts of pubic hair on each of them.

Skin color

Vital to most men, skin color choices on your custom sex doll include natural, white, and tan.

Custom Sex Doll Hand


Hands can either be natural or pink.

Custom Sex Doll Toenail


Many men out there are especially particular about the feet of their sex doll. In this regard, the most common custom sex doll option is that of varied nail paint color. Often, the choices on offer are simply mind boggling. These include most of the common colors like black, silver, green, orange, pink, red, cherry, and yellow to name a few.

Some sellers do offer additional customization options on this front such as the size or shape of the feet, the way the toes are laid out, and so on.

Shoulders and Skeleton

Shoulders on custom sex dolls are usually regular or enhanced; you are unlikely to find additional customization options beyond these two.

Enhanced Shoulders are called EVO Skeleton or Struggle Shoulders. If you chose this premium option, your sex doll’s mobility will increase, which means you can bend her with more positions and have more fun!


Your sex doll can also be customized to come out with sounds of your preference. A commonly offered sound is that of moaning, akin to the one uttered during the act of sex.

For a lot of men, this proves to be quite a turn on. Moreover, using the “Smart Voice” option, she will moan when you touch her certain body areas. Pretty neat, right?

Body Heat

Sex dolls can be customized to give off body heat. As you might recall in the “TPE vs Silicone” sex doll section, silicone sex dolls are quite capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, especially hot conditions.

Therefore, your choice of a silicone sex doll can alone give you greater flexibility in terms of the relatively hotter conditions to which you can expose it comfortably, without causing any harm to it. An example would be taking a hot shower with your sex doll.

In this instance though, we are essentially referring to the doll emitting heat or having a certain capability wherein it naturally has body heat the way everyday human beings do.

Summing up

To sum up, there are practically unlimited customization options available to custom sex doll customers. From head to toe, there is just about no body part of your sex doll that cannot be customized.

You might think that this makes the task of sex doll manufacturers/dealers/sellers extremely difficult. Well, to some extent, yes, they do need to put in the extra effort. At the same time, it is this customization factor which is pulling in customers by the droves. If not for customization, many existing customers of sex dolls would never have gone through with their purchases.

It all comes down to significantly varying tastes and preferences among customers of these dolls. Since sex dolls tend to have a relatively high purchase price, customers want everything in them to their preferred taste.

Also, bear in mind the fact that a lot of customization options come at an additional fee.

Using smart manufacturing techniques with JIT or ‘Just in Time’ inventory management systems, players in the space can give their customers exactly what they desire, without putting themselves under any kind of financial/business duress.

Different types/styles of sex dolls

Ever increasing demand for sex dolls has meant that there is a wide variety of them available in the market. Given the disparate needs and preferences of customers, manufacturers and sellers of these glam dolls are more than happy to create multiple avatars of them so that these distinct tastes are well catered to.

In this section of this article, we explore several types or styles of sex dolls that are available out there. Armed with this knowledge, you can suitably make the best choice of a sex doll for yourself.

various race woman

Various Races

The demand for sex dolls has clearly gone global. Folks from various cultures and communities are today demanding unique glam dolls that fulfil their sexual fantasies.

Accordingly, there simply cannot be a single race being featured on these dolls.

Instead, there is an eclectic variety available which customers can pick and choose from.

Yes, your typical white skinned sex doll with blonde hair continues to rule the roost. That is because most customers prefer such dolls. At the same time, demand for sex dolls of other racial backgrounds is also fast gaining steam.

A case in point would be sex dolls with East Asian features. Many white men have a strong preference for such dolls. At the same time, dolls of this kind are particularly favored by men from these regions. Japan, for example, has a longstanding association with sex dolls and figurines, as a part of its culture. In contemporary times, men there are incredibly happy to have sex dolls that replicate the features and facets of local Japanese women. The same can also be said about South Korea as well.

Black sex dolls, i.e., sex dolls of an African origin, are also increasingly being preferred by customers across the world. While African American men are driving this demand in a big way, similar requirements have been noticed in various other parts of the world as well. Men in Africa, for example, are themselves increasingly demanding sex dolls with black racial backgrounds.

Another racial background of women strongly preferred among sex dolls is Latinas, i.e., women from Latin America. As stereotypes go, these are women considered to be nice and curvy with a healthy sexual appetite. For many men, they are nothing short of dream women they have always yearned for. That is the reason, Latina sex dolls are being increasingly offered.

Similar instances can be cited for other communities as well. If you think of South Asia for instance, men with a strong preference for women from these parts are increasingly demanding sex dolls that have such features.

The crux is that today, you have sex dolls depicting a wide variety of cultures and communities. In its nascent stage, such a trend was not seen. Today, as the industry has virtually exploded, so has the availability of sex dolls beyond the usual norms of white skinned, blonde-haired ones.

Thick Sex Dolls

If you think that all men universally prefer slim trim women, then you are sadly mistaken. Instead, there is a considerable number of men out there who clearly have a penchant for well endowed, thick women. These are women with all the right curves at the right places. Round and shapely, many men find such women to be a much bigger and better turn on than your regular slim and fit ones.

Such a preference has spilled onto sex dolls as well. With men demanding curvy dolls, manufacturers/suppliers of these glam dolls are more than happy to come up with sex dolls that are round and voluptuous.

The ample thickness of these dolls can then be further customized as per the preferences of their buyers. The result is a unique sex doll that is completely personalized for the customer in question.

A subset of these thick sex dolls deserves a special mention – BBW sex dolls. BBW, as you might be aware, stands for ‘Big Beautiful Women.’ Therefore, while carrying the typical characteristics of thick women that we have already alluded to above, these are women that tend to be “big” in all respects, be it their height, their weight, their girth, and particularly, their breasts.

Given the prolific demand for BBW sex dolls, they are being made available to customers by the droves.


Another kind of sex doll that is fast catching on is ultra-realistic. These are essentially, sex dolls that resemble real women maximally. If you look at their facial features, their skin contour, the firmness of their breasts, and so on, you will find them practically replicating actual women.

In previous sections, we had referred to some silicone sex dolls as being ultra-realistic in design and structure. This is indeed the case since most of these ultra-realistic dolls are made of silicone; it is the silicone material used in their construction that gives them the uber realistic look and feel.


MILF stands for “Mother I’d Like to Fuck.” Loosely, this somewhat derogatory term is used to describe older but sexually appealing women.

Many men have a strong penchant for such women. Accordingly, doll manufacturers have gone all out to produce MILF sex dolls that have their unique charm and appeal.


Yet another type of sex doll fast gaining traction includes ones that are relatively young in age. They can essentially be referred to as teen sex dolls. Proprieties aside, many older men especially have an irresistible urge for young teen girls. This preference of theirs is being met by these teen sex dolls.

In a similar vein, you have mini sex dolls. Distinct from teen sex dolls, here it is not about age but about size. Many men prefer small or what may better be referred to as petite women. These mini sex dolls very well cater to such preferences.

Concluding Thoughts

Ending this section, our concluding thoughts would be that there is humongous variety in the types or styles of sex dolls available in the market today. You simply need to be noticeably clear about your own preferences; that way, you can easily land up with the exact, dream sex doll for which you had always yearned.

How it feels having sex with a sex doll?

A common question among those yet to take the plunge on sex dolls pertains to the kind of experience that they would have; will it be the same (or at least similar) to the sexual experience that is had with a “real woman”?

Well, the answer to that is an astounding Yes, along with an addendum – the overall experience is in fact a whole lot better. We explain this below.

Having sex

Life like touch and feel

Modern day TPE and silicone sex dolls have a remarkably similar touch and feel as in the case of real women. Gone are the days when these were mere toys meant to be kept around for kicks. The sex dolls these days are the real deal.

This aspect is proven even during the simplistic act of kissing your sex doll. You will yourself feel the warmth, the love, the passion oozing out of her sensuous lips.

Always up for it

Unlike your real-life counterparts, your sex doll will never say no to your sexual moves. Anytime of the day or night you feel the urge, you can simply go ahead and do your thing.

Blowjobs are awesome!

This is a major concern on the minds of many men; that with a sex doll, they will somehow miss out on the oral pleasures that they are used to. This is an absolute misconception. Sex dolls are equally capable of giving you the best blowjobs that you can think of.

We do recommend opting for an enhanced mouth upgrade that can further augment your entire oral sex experience incrementally. Most sex doll manufacturers/suppliers do offer such an upgrade.

Mind blowing virginal sex!

Another common concern has to do with the most familiar use of sex dolls, which is to have regular vagina sex. In this case too, you will find the experience to be incredibly fabulous. This is particularly true because the vagina in sex dolls is modelled on the vagina of an actual woman.

As with the previous instance, in this case too, we suggest opting for what is called a USB vagina warmer. With this, you will also get the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes while having vaginal sex with a real woman.

Never say never to anal sex

A lot of ‘real women’ have serious qualms about anal sex. Your sex doll though, will never say never to anal sex. On the contrary, she will always be up for it, whenever you please.

Thanks to modern day TPE sex dolls and their supreme flexibility, you can even bend her over as you please, for the best possible anal sex experience.

In this case, our recommendation is to apply lube generously for an incrementally enhanced, all-round experience.

Summing up

Summarily, we would assert that the overall feeling of having sex with a sex doll is not only as good as in the case of an actual human being, but rather incrementally better than that on so many levels.

How to use and have sex with a sex doll?

Using and having sex with a sex doll is no rocket science. You will use it the same way as you would in case of a real woman.

It is just the fact that the overall experience of sex with a sex doll is incrementally more satisfying. More on that in the subsections below.

The first thing to keep in mind is the fact that your sex doll does not require pampering the way a real life sex partner usually does. Also, she does not have bouts of mood swings wherein she refuses to have sex with you. Rather, she is always ready for action whenever you are.

With that said, some of the things that you can do once you have received your prized sex doll include the following:


The first obvious thing to do is to unbox your sex doll from the immaculate packaging it must have arrived in.

This typically tends to be a large life like box, with your precious doll firmly packaged inside.

We mention the above because contemporary manufacturers and retailers of sex dolls go to great lengths towards ensuring that end customers receive their prized dolls in pristine condition. Otherwise, the entire exercise is bound to go wasted completely. Besides the cost of replacement or refund, poor reviews from clients are likely to hurt these businesses the most. That is the reason; they ensure the finest quality of packaging for these sex dolls, all the way up to the doorstep of their clients.

Note – Most often, you will begin removing your sex doll from the box/packaging it has come in, starting with its head. Frequently, it is detachable. Therefore, you could take it out and put it aside. You could then remove the rest of her body from the box. Once she is out completely, you could affix her head onto her body.

Now, before unboxing, you must have a good idea of the space where you intend to keep your doll. Depending on the layout of your house, as well as the kind of privacy you enjoy, you could keep her in your bedroom, your attic, or even in the basement.

During the unboxing process, we recommend that you follow utmost caution. For instance, your hands should be clean so as to avoid soiling your doll. In case you are using any sharp objects to do the unboxing, you must be careful enough not to end up damaging your sex doll.

You need to follow the same process as well as the same set of precautions in case you have ordered additional accessories along with your sex doll. They may or may not have come in the same box containing your doll. Simply go through with the unboxing process for all the items that you have ordered, so that you have a clear picture in front of you of all the items at hand that you will be using over the course of your ‘sex doll journey.’

Prepping her for use

Once you have unboxed your sex doll as well as other potential accessories to go along with her, it is time to set the ball rolling for her use.

An instance would be placing her in positions that you intend to enjoy her in.

It also includes any cosmetic changes that you may like to do to your doll before you start fornicating with her. As an example, perhaps you might like to apply some light makeup to her just to enhance her appeal to you. Similarly, you might also want to adjust her hair in a manner that excites you even more.

This is also the time when you assess the accessories that you have purchased along with your sex doll. As an example, in case you have bought a USB vagina warmer, this is the perfect time to check it out with your doll. Remember that most sellers have an initial return/refund window in case of anything untoward. Ensure that you make the most of it in case things are not up to the mark, or somehow not working as expected.

Going all guns blazing on your doll!

You have unboxed your doll, you have prepped her up nicely – including making any cosmetic changes, as well as testing out additional accessories that you may have purchased.

Now is the time to really go all out and perform the requisite acts of sex for which you purchased her in the first place.

At this juncture, we strongly recommend that you try out all the different positions that you have fantasized about all along. Whether it is vaginal, anal, or oral sex, you must not miss out on trying all of these (unless you somehow do not have a penchant for any of them).

Within these sexual acts, it is vital that you try out any accessories that you may have intended to augment the acts themselves. An apt example would be enhanced mouth upgrades affixed onto the mouths of sex dolls so that they give you superior blowjobs. unless you affix these accessories and try them out personally, you will never know how well they work. In rare cases, in case of a malfunctional product, again you will not know unless you affix and try it out.

Remember to do all of these things well in time so that any return/refund request would be suitably entertained, if applicable.


Finally, using your sex doll and having infinitely pleasurable sex with it over a prolonged period of time, requires that you maintain it well.

Some instances include keeping it clean, especially after every time you use it.

Remember not to go overboard though, using harsh chemicals or solvents that may end up damaging the texture or contour of your doll.

Keep things simple but keep them going whenever necessary. That is really the key.

At the end of the day, you must remember that all such sex dolls are a sizable investment most often costing thousands of dollars. Poor maintenance would render them unusable rather quickly.

Therefore, keep them clean, store them well, and oversee them with caution. With these basic steps in place, you are assured of infinite pleasurable moments with your prized sex doll.

Ultimate sex doll caring guide

Throughout this article, we have stressed on the relatively expensive nature of sex dolls. These costs go up even higher when we consider enhancements that you may have made to your doll or accessories that you may have purchased to use along with it.

With such a sizable investment made, you certainly want to take care of your sex doll as much as you can. Remember that it is not only about cost. Most customers invest considerable time and effort in configuring their sex dolls to their unique tastes and preferences. Most final purchases are completely unique to the extent that there may not be any other sex doll anywhere else like that one.

As a result, cover damage done to your doll that renders it unusable – or somehow makes it unattractive to you, would mean that you would have to go through the entire selection and configuration process all over again. In the unlikely situation that the exact same configuration is unavailable, you might even end up without your idea of a perfect sex doll, for good. That is an unfortunate state of affairs which you clearly do not want.

With that thought in mind, let us look at ways in which you can take loving care of your sex doll.

Some top level tips:

  • Keep her in a cool place, especially if it is a TPE sex doll.
  • Don’t keep her dressed in tight or dark clothes for too long. Remember that such dresses tend to leave their impressions on your doll, possibly staining her for good. Ideally have her wear light colored clothes only and when you are tucking her away safely, you might as well have her wear nothing at all!
  • Anytime you foresee yourself not using her for a relatively prolonged period, we recommend storing her safely in a cotton muslin bag.

Cleaning your sex doll

Some valuable information for you, as far as cleaning your sex doll goes:

  • Use light, antibacterial soap.
  • Use only a light sponge or a soft towel while cleaning her.
  • Once you have finished cleaning, you must gently use a non-abrasive drying cloth to dry her out.
  • Be gentle throughout the entire process – before, during, and after your cleaning regimen.

Also, as we mentioned earlier, the head of your sex doll tends to be a separate, detachable part. Accordingly, we recommend that you remove it, along with the wig on top of it. Both these items should ideally be cleaned separately.

Exceptional care should be taken while cleaning metal parts, if any. In case they get wet, and you leave them as it is, they can get rusted. Therefore, wipe them dry immediately after you may have wet them.

Some don’ts of cleaning your sex doll

Just as there are dos, there are don’ts do the process of cleaning your sex doll as well. Please make sure you do not end up committing these mistakes.

  • Cleaning too aggressively – in doing so, you risk damaging your doll beyond repair.
  • Using any oil based cleaner to clean your doll. Again, this can end up drastically damaging your doll’s surface.
  • Using sharp objects to clean your doll. Remember to only use a soft cloth or sponge; search sharp objects can end up damaging your doll in a matter of seconds.
  • Applying too much pressure while cleaning. You could end up breaking your doll.
  • Using a hair dryer to dry her wig or pubic hair in case she has any. Again, the damage caused may be irreparable.

Keeping her vagina, anus, and mouth clean

Given the likelihood that these are her orifices where maximum possibility of fluid dissemination is likely to occur, it is imperative that you keep her vagina, anus, and mouth clean.

The first and most important tip we will give at this juncture is that the cleaning process should ideally occur immediately after you satisfactorily complete your sexual act with her. With your fluids discharged, it is time you get into the cleaning act.

For the most part, you do not need any advanced cleaning items. Mere water with mild soap will do the job very well. Flush nicely with cold water; that alone will take care of fluids or any other remnants that may have been left behind. Cleaning up should simply be done with a soft towel or a sponge.

While cleaning, you could also consider using a hand loofah. Rubbing it gently is likely to ensure best results. During this process, you could lightly use a hand shower that will help you clean effectively.

Additional precautions to follow

Depending on the specific part of your sex doll that you are aiming to clean, there could be additional precautions that you should ideally follow. We enlist some of them below for your benefit.

Cleaning her makeup

As with the rest of her body parts, you must avoid using any oil based cleaner to clean the makeup you may have applied on her face. Instead, you should continue to use just water and mild soap, as we have recommended that you do for her entire body.

Once you have done that, you can simply use a dry cloth or a paper towel to wipe her clean.

Cleaning her wig

Extra care should be taken while cleaning your doll’s wig. Firstly, ensure that you take off her wig and wash it separately from the rest of her body. Using lukewarm water, you should gently wash her wig with mild soap or shampoo and conditioner.

After you have done this, completely avoid blow drying her wig. Instead, you can simply put it aside to dry naturally. Putting it out in the sun to dry is also not a recommendation, unless the sun is particularly mild or practically non-existent, such as during the winters.

Cleaning her accessories

Your sex doll may very well have come with an assortment of accessories that you ordered separately, to enhance the entire experience of unhindered sex with her.

Just like your doll, these accessories also tend to be gentle in nature. Moreover, some of these could be electrical parts, such as the USB vagina warmer.

For all these parts and accessories, we recommend utmost caution while cleaning them. For the electrical parts specially, we suggest you avoid wet cleaning. If you feel that would not do the job, you can use wet wipes that can easily clean all such electrical/delicate items thoroughly.

Sex doll safe storage (and how to hide it)

In our concluding section of this article, we delve into the aspect of safely storing your sex doll. Alongside, we also share tips on how you can cleverly hide it in case you need to.

The most ideal way in which you can safely store your sex doll is to prepare a closet specially for it, beforehand. This means that even before your doll arrives at your doorstep, you have space specially allocated to safely tuck it away from harm’s length – or other roving eyes in case that is a concern.

This entire space should be structured and designed in a way that holds your entire doll snugly. This means that, on one hand, it should not be cramped for space, and on the other, it should not have too much space to move around and possibly fall apart.

Both vertical and horizontal storage options can be considered. Either way, as long as the space is tight enough, you do not risk damaging your doll. It is when you need to bend her or fold her limbs, in order to store her, that the risk of damage arises.

Hiding your sex doll

The closet option that we shared above is actually a fantastic way to hide your sex doll from prying eyes. If you do have the option, keep this closet locked with the key only in your possession. That way no one will accidentally open the closet and discover your doll.

Another, less effective way to store and hide your sex doll is to keep it under the bed. In case you have a box bed, you can even tuck her away inside it. Either way, while casual visitors may not notice her, any long term resident or frequent visitor may very well catch a glimpse of her. This is a risk that you have to be prepared for.

To mitigate this risk, you can consider preparing a suitably sized box that can firmly hold your sex doll inside it. This box can then be placed under your bed or inside the box bed, as the case may be.

WARNING: There are regulations on certain countries

Not all countries/areas allow the existence of sex dolls. And not all kinds of sex dolls are allowed.

Many countries/areas are restricting small or child-like sex dolls. If a love doll is child-like, small, flat-chested, and was described, marketed as a child, then it may be considered as a child-like sex doll.

That’s why we suggest you get a non-child-like sex doll to avoid legal issues.

We also encourage you to get a sex doll from a legit seller that provides you with the information regarding what is safe and not safe options regarding small or teen dolls. Yes, it’s unfriendly for people who want a teen sex doll or a cheaper sex doll, but it is not up to us.

Additional thoughts

Just as there are so many diverse kinds of sex dolls, there is prolific variety as far as customers of these dolls are concerned.

Many go to great lengths in keeping knowledge of the very existence of these dolls, away from everyone else around them. Many do this so successfully that even their closest friends and family members have no clue about this indulgence of theirs.

If you are new to this entire space, over time, you too are likely to get smart enough to know how to safely store your sex doll, away from other’s knowledge.

One way to do this is to have a completely independent space of your own that no one else has access to. This way, not only do you get to store your sex doll away from others, but you also get to indulge yourself sexually with her, whenever you want, without interference from anyone else. This is vital, given that fear around using your sex doll would affect your performance with her, eventually instilling a sense of hesitation even to use her.

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