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The Most Realistic Sex Dolls on the Market [2021]

These ultra-realistic sex dolls are top-shelf stuff. Their size is quite similar to real women and body of supermodels. These ultra-realistic dolls are available in different body shapes, ass shape, colors, small ass, firm ass, big booty, ethnicity, etc.

Amy - E Cup

Amy Realistic Sex Doll

Amy is your femme fatal that can make all of your sex dreams come true. Not only she has the body and the face to die for, she feels like the real deal. So much of that is because of the premium silicon and the medical TPE material she is made from. Moreover, she comes with a Titanium skeleton that makes her super-flexible and durable. So, roll out the Kamasutra; Amy is ready to take your orders and submit to your wishes.

Elizabeth - C Cup

Elizabeth is the perfect girl next door. Her sex appeal is through the roof, and you can notice that with just a glimpse. Furthermore, you can make her even more appealing to you. You can choose different breasts, different eyes, different vagina, different skin tones, etc. You can change pretty much anything about her appearance and make her truly unique before making her only yours.

Daisy - C Cup

Next on the list, Daisy is the most realistic sex doll ever made. This little sexy beast is a feast for the eyes and every man’s wet dream. Those willing to spend a few more bucks can have her moan and increase her temperature as things take off. Another great, even important thing is that she will be 100% loyal to you, no matter what. Can you say that about other women? 

Sarah - C Cup

Sarah is made of extra-soft silicone and medical-grade TPE that is almost indistinguishable from the real thing. This hyper-realistic sex doll has the perfect body, the perfect look, and the audacity to ask more from you. There will be no more bullshit excuses like she has a headache. She will always be ready for action at any time of the day or night.

Kelly - E Cup

This blonde seductress can be the epiphany of all your sex fantasies. Kelly is a sex goddess that will never let you down. Any way you look at her, she is perfect. This ultra-realistic sex doll can even moan and steam up things for you like no other woman can. You can even change some of her features to match some of your personal expectations.

Natalia - C Cup

Natalia is the thick mistress that will have you crawl on your four. You grab onto her and ride her until you can’t move anymore. She has that effect on all men. Moreover, she is made of special material that is very durable and hard to tear, which means she is always ready for some rough action. 

Sarah - C Cup

Sex doll makers invented the term “ultra-realistic sex doll” for beauties like Sarah. This redhead may look like a small-town girl, but she is like a firecracker. She can light up any man within a few seconds. She may look fragile but rest assured that she can take anything you can throw at her. If you want to take things to the next level, one or two upgrades can make her body warm and moan once the fun starts.

Rong - B Cup

Rong is the oriental beauty you’ve always wanted but was always out of your reach. Well, now she is within your grasp and ready to go on a ride on your Orient express. You can even further customize this dark-haired beauty to make her even more unique and according to your personal preferences. She may look tiny and fragile, but she is built to last for years if properly treated.

Phebe - C Cup

Phebe is your personal influencer. Don’t be fooled by her youth and her innocent appearance. She is as wild as they come. Made out of a special blend of materials, she is super-durable, while her skin feels smooth and soft like the real thing. She can even be made to stand on her own feet for some standing action. She can even moan from pleasure. You just need to go for some upgrades, and she can be all that.

Dandan - D Cup

Dandan is the most realistic sex doll ever made. The competition is massive, but she is undoubtedly one of the best rated. Boobs, face, skin tone, and ass – you can’t find anything that is off place. It is almost like she has some aura surrounding her. You want to make sweet love to her, but you also want to stay with her after you’ve done your thing.

Mia - C Cup

Mia is the secretary you keep secret from your wife. That booty of her is out of this world. You just want to bend her and give it to her all day long. Plus, unlike many other women, she is 100% loyal and always willing for some action. The only limit is your libido and your imagination.

Lubby - C Cup

Lubby is your long-legged blonde beauty who is ready to be your sex slave forever. She has the face of Hollywood actresses and the body of Victoria’s Secret supermodel. Her skin is not much different than the skin of a real woman. With a few upgrades, she can moan like a real woman, increase her temperature, and even stand on her feet when you are up for some standing action.

Mira - C Cup

If you ever find yourself stranded on a desert island, you would want to have Mira there with you. This brunette has it all the perfect ass, the breasts to die for, and the face of an angel. Some would even say that she is the Monica Belluci in the world of sex dolls. She will serve you for many years without getting old or complaining about stuff.

Olivia - C Cup

They say tall women are a bit unapproachable. Well, Olivia is nothing like that. This hyper-realistic sex doll is the opposite of that. One look at her, and you know she is asking for it. She wants you to come and give it to her. The best part – she feels like the real thing. That’s because she is made from a proprietary formula that includes extra-soft silicone and medical-grade TPE. Treat her right, and she will turn all your sex wishes into reality. One of the best parts about Olivia is that she can be the “friend with benefits” for years and years. Again, the emphasis here is on treating her right, keeping her clean, and storing her away from dust and sun.

Gigi - A Cup

Gigi is the ultimate guilty pleasure. She can easily spread those long legs for some super exciting action. Gigi is the firecracker that brings you the experience of wildest dreams. Not only that she looks super sexy, but her silicone-based skin feels like a real one as well. Another thing about Gigi is that she will never get old. She will never get wrinkles, and she will always be tight as the first day. On top of that, Gigi will never leave you for someone else, and Gigi will never say no to you, no matter how dirty your fantasy might get. 

Realistic Sex Doll

About This Article

You just overheard some talking about ultra-realistic sex dolls, and you are curious to learn about it. Perhaps you’ve read an article on the internet about the most realistic sex doll ever made or about some hyper-realistic sex doll

If you are also intrigued about these sex dolls, you are in the right place. In this article, we will talk about these ultra-realistic sex dolls. By the time you complete reading this guide, you will know everything about these silicon beauties.

But, before we delve into what makes an ultra-realistic sex doll a masterpiece, which makes the best ones, the features that matter when searching for the most realistic sex doll, etc., we will introduce you to the finest ones available on the market. 

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Top Traits of Most Realistic Sex Dolls

The first sex doll was invented by French sailors in the 16th century. The lonely sailors made these masturbatory dolls out of old clothes. So, it is fair to say that they were the predecessors of today’s sex dolls. Then the Dutch started making sex dolls that they sold to the Japanese people. That’s when the Japanese people invented the term Dutch Wifes. Even today in Japan, the term Dutch Wife is often used to describe sex dolls.

Fast forward to the present time, and sex dolls are more popular than ever in time. The only difference is that you can’t compare the most realistic sex doll from back then with the best ones today. There is simply no room for comparison. Nowadays, the best ones are practically indistinguishable from real women.

Advancements in technology and craftsmanship have made a big difference to the development of sex dolls. However, the big game-changer was the advancement in materials. 

Almost every hyper-realistic sex doll is made from premium silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). TPE is popular because of its appearance that makes the sex doll appear as a real woman. So, in addition to its realistic qualities, TPE is soft, squeezable, and flexible. Silicone also features quite a few appealing attributes. For example, Silicon is non-porous, which makes it water-resistant. Hence, it is much easier to clean. Nowadays, even the most realistic sex doll in the world is made from these two materials.

Look How Real They Are 👇👇👇

Who Produce The Most Realistic Sex Dolls

When talking about the most realistic sex doll out there, it is essential to mention the importance of the brand. As in most industries, some brands are more popular than others. When it comes to ultra-realistic dolls, Starpery is one of the best-known names in the sex dolls industry. 

This company is relentless in bringing the best sex dolls to market. It’s also quite impressive that they plan to bring a talking and walking doll in the next decade. We are talking Westworld-style sex dolls. How cool that can be!

Where Can You Buy The Most Realistic Sex Dolls

Wonder Doll is a sure bet if you want to find the best deals on Starpery sex dolls. We recommend Wonder Doll because:

  • First, they offer FREE SHIPPING on all sex dolls.
  • Second, they offer a money-back guarantee.
  • Third, they deliver their products in discreet packaging.
  • Encrypted order information.
  • They will not store your data.
  • You can pay with a cryptocurrency such as USD Coin, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, etc.
  • You can split your payments with the help of Klarna.
  • Guaranteed safe checkout.
  • All major credit cards are accepted as payment methods, PayPal included.
  • You get a solid 10% discount if you share your email with them.
  • They run big sales time to time.

What Buyers Say About Ultra Realistic Dolls?

Since the start of the pandemic, the demand for sex dolls has been through the roof. That demand is still strong, especially for high-end, hyper-realistic dolls. Here’s what long-term users have to say about their valued sex dolls and why they would never go back to an ordinary sex doll:

  • Their skin feels like real skin. You can’t get that feeling with ordinary sex dolls. Even though the skin feels soft, it is still resistant to wear and tear. So, going a bit rough on her is possible.
  • Visually, an ultra-realistic sex doll is a decade ahead of any ordinary sex doll.
  • Maintenance is super-easy. It takes only some water, antibacterial soap, and a light sponge to clean the sex doll thoroughly. Baby powder and even a wet, soft towel can be helpful as well. You can have her cleaned in minutes so that she is ready for your next session.
  • You can place her in practically any position you can imagine. Much of that is due to their titanium skeleton that you don’t get with ordinary sex dolls.
  • You can customize each hyper-realistic sex doll. However, some of the upgrades are not available for ordinary sex dolls.
  • When properly maintained, these high-end sex dolls can last for years. 

Things to Consider When Looking For a Realistic Sex Doll

Realistic sex dolls are the most expensive ones on the market so that you will be spending a big chunk of money. You need to make sure that you purchase the best possible sex doll. Here are the key things to consider when looking for the best and most realistic sex doll.

  • Brand matters. Starpery is at the top of the pyramid. You can buy their sex dolls on Wonder Doll.
  • The best ones are made from premium materials such as premium silicone and medical TPE. 
  • The best ones come with a titanium skeleton.
  • You have an option to upgrade these realistic sex dolls to increase their temperature and moan.
  • The best ones come with a wide range of customization options. That means the user can order custom breasts, nipples, hair, skin tone, vagina (removable/non-removable), pubic hairs, toenails, articulated hands, shoulder/skeleton, head material, and so on.

Bottom Line

An ultra-realistic sex doll such as Gigi, Natalia, Sarah, Amy, Daisy, or any other on our list can be your gateway to some pretty exciting sexual experiences. These girls let you control the situation and will never argue about what you do with them. They are designed to look stunning, feel stunning, and please you. They will fulfill your darkest fantasies whenever you want.

Whether you choose a blonde, a brunette, one with big booty, small boobs, or other attributes is entirely up to you and your personal preferences.

The main point is that these high-end sex dolls are the best. They cannot just talk back, but who knows, that might be the next best thing in the sex dolls industry. Until then, enjoy with these girls in any way you see fit. Please don’t overthink it, and choose one that you think can turn your wet dreams into reality.

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