How Much Is A Sex Doll: A Pricing Guide For Doll Lovers

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One of the most common questions coming from folks interested in buying a sex doll is “how much is a sex doll?”

It is a legitimate question asked by anyone that values his hard-earned money and wants to make the most of them. At the same time, this is not a question with a simple answer. You cannot pop out a price and ask them to take it or leave it. 

There is more to it. There are a variety of models made using various materials, featuring all sorts of features and with different degrees of customization. Therefore, there is quite a lot to consider. That’s why we have made this guide to help you make an educated choice when faced with a plethora of products on the market. 

So, if you consider or plan to buy a sex doll in the future, you need to follow this guide to its very end.

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Fake & Low-Quality Dolls (Below $1000)

So how much does a sex doll cost? Paying less than $1000 can be quite tempting, especially if you look at how expensive some models are. But then again, there are some things that you need to know about these “more affordable models” you should not ignore. Here are some of the most common traits of below $1000 sex dolls.

Cheap Material

One of the most important things is the materials used for making these dolls. Typically, these sex dolls are made of cheap TPE that simply doesn’t feel that good. There is a big difference between sex dolls made with cheap TPE and ones made with high-grade silicone. Touching, grabbing, penetrating a cheap sex doll won’t cut it, at least for most folks. However, those that are more experienced with sex dolls can instantly tell the difference.

Unrealistic Appearance

  • The second thing is the details and the overall appearance. They don’t look realistic. That is a significant turnoff that you can’t overlook. The moment you unwrap it, you will realize how big a mistake you’ve made and that you can’t have too much fun with it.
  • Most sex dolls below the $1000 mark are bad knockoffs of premium models. However, a knockoff at times can be quite well made. Unfortunately, that’s not the case with these sex doll knockoffs and replicas, as they neither look nor feel like their original counterparts.

Low Quality

  • They are not as durable as advertised, and there is no way around it. Just go through some genuine user reviews online, and you will see how common that is. Some break easily, others leak oil, and all age badly. In the best-case scenario, you end up with one of those well-crafted models, and you still won’t be able to have fun with them any longer than two years.
  • Their original color will start fading away after a while. Once that starts, nothing will be the same for you.
  • There isn’t much joy when you see discolored spots on your plastic girlfriend. Sometimes that happens when exposed to sun, even if it is only for a short period, other times it is because of the cleaning.
  • If you don’t like it (which is very likely), it is almost impossible to re-sell a used sex doll. There isn’t any market for it as there is hardly anyone interested in purchasing someone else’s sex toy. So, that’s hundreds of dollars wasted, laying around in some corner of your house.

No Customization

  • Customization is not an option. You buy what you see, and you have to live with it. It’s even more unfortunate that some sex dolls look nothing like the ones on the advertisement banners.

Revealing Packaging

  • Very often, the delivery package is not that discreet. It is one thing to buy a cheap sex doll, and entirely another thing is for your neighbors to figure out that as well. The companies that sell cheap sex dolls don’t pay too much attention to packaging as all they care about is making money. They simply don’t care if the packaging is too revealing.

Entry Level ($1000-$2000)

The entry-level models are significantly better than the low-budget ones in pretty much every segment. They look more natural, are made of finer material, their detailing is way more improved, and they tend to last longer.

Typically, they are made of medical TPE that feels and looks like the real thing. But that’s only one part of the story as an additional blend of materials is used to make these dolls so that they feel and look the way they do. But do not confuse this medical TPE with any low-quality TPE as there is a considerable difference between the two. In addition, there is a difference in how they feel and how they look.

Titanium skeleton is another segment that makes these hot as hell dolls even more realistic. The top-quality skeleton makes these sex dolls cost as they do. But then again, these dolls can be used in so many positions because of this skeleton. That way, the fun can never stop. At the same time, it is worth noting that a titanium skeleton contributes significantly to the sex doll cost. 

Anastasia, Dominique, and Lara are some of the many dolls in this price range. You can’t complain about their appearance as they look hot as hell. Moreover, they not only feel pretty close to the real thing, but you can also customize them to look like the girl of your dreams. Of course, that might add up to their overall cost. But then again, no true guilty pleasure is free.

Premium & Ultra Realistic (Over $2000)

This is the top-shelf stuff, the stuff of dreams. The babes here look like they will start talking to you at any given moment. They are the same size as real women and have the proportions just like the super-models. They look like they are to open their mouths and speak at any given moment. If you give them a chance, they can be the perfect companions. If you dislike a detail, you can change it and make it according to your desires. That way, you can create the super-hot woman of your dreams. These premium sex dolls will always be willing to be part of your fantasies, no matter how kinky or dirty they are. These ultra-realistic dolls come in all colors, ethnicity, body shape, ass shape, firm ass, small ass, big booty, whatever you desire. 

They are made only of top materials and by true artists that make sure that everything is perfect. For comparison, if you were on the market for an exciting car, you would go for Ferrari or maybe even a Porsche. Well, the same analogy applies to a sex doll. If you were on the market for a sex doll, you would opt out for one of these beauties. In their own right, they are what Ferrari and Porsche are in the car world. 

So, ask yourself, are you a Ferrari guy, or are you okay with a Honda Civic?

One of the best things about these ultra-realistic dolls is that they can last for many years. Of course, you need to look after some basic maintenance that includes mildly warm water and some soap to get them clean and a dry towel to wipe them afterward. That way, they are always ready for some extra action at any given moment.

Last but not least, they are made of high-grade silicone. This means that they are open for some rough play. If you are into rough sex, then these bad girls can take your punishment at any time and the way you like to give it to them. 

What Affects The Price Of A Sex Doll?

The sex doll price is affected by several factors such as the quantity and the quality of the materials used for making the sex doll, detail richness, customization, etc. Here is an overview of the most critical factors that contribute most to the price of any sex doll.


The quality and amount of material used in making the sex doll are as crucial as the material type itself. A tall and thick sex doll is made of way more material than a slim and short one. When it comes to materials, high-grade silicon is regarded as the best option. TPE is also quite popular but not as good as high-grade silicon. However, the thing with TPE is that it can be mixed with all sorts of plastics which often leads to low-quality TPE. On the other hand, the fewer plastics are mixed, the better the TPE will be.

Detailing and Appearance

High-end sex dolls are the most realistic ones, and that’s a fact. The thing is often, real-life artists and sculptors are hired to make the dolls look realistic. But, unfortunately, hiring artists and master craftsmen doesn’t come cheap, hence the high price of the doll.


Custom changes cost money, and they can significantly increase the cost of the sex doll. Nowadays, even entry-level sex dolls can get decent upgrades such as moaning, body heating, standing feet, custom nipples, breasts, skin color, pubic hair, vagina color, eye color, hair color, etc. However, not all customizations cost evenly, and that depends on the merchants or the brand itself. 

Shipping and Handling

The best sex dolls merchants offer free shipping and free handling anywhere in the world. But that’s not the case with all companies. Very often, the cost of shipping and handling depends on your location and the cost of international transport.

High Demand

During the early days of the pandemic and the introduction of the lockdowns, the demand for sex dolls was off the hooks. Manufacturers, merchants, suppliers, everyone struggled to meet the outstanding demand. Many people needed company during those difficult days, and many found it in their sex dolls. As a matter of fact, demand never slowed down until the present day, and that is a significant reason why it is hard to find sex dolls on sale.

Then there is social distancing which is still in place in many places around the world. For example, hooking up over Tinder or hooking up, in general, is at its lowest levels. The risk of getting infected with the virus is the main reason why people avoid meeting other people, let alone be intimate with them. That also made many men turn toward sex dolls and the things they could provide.

Considering all that, you can count on the fact that sex dolls won’t get any cheaper any time soon. Even if the coronavirus somehow miraculously vanishes overnight (which is unrealistic), it will take some time for people to start going back to their old habits, such as one-night stands and casual sex. In the meantime, sex dolls are here to fill the gap.

What If I Am On A Budget?

The best advice here is don’t go for the low-quality sex dolls. They are really hard to look at and unrealistic. Most of them even come with one hole and are made of low-quality PTE that doesn’t feel right. One look at a low-budget doll, and you will know that it is not for you.

So, instead, go for one of the bit more costly options. Even the basic entry sex dolls are significantly better than the low-quality ones. The best thing about them is that they come in pretty much all sizes and shapes. This way, it won’t be that hard to find one that you like.

But, if your budget is tight, and yet you want one of the high-end dolls badly, there is an option you should consider. Merchants such as Wonder Doll allow their customers to split payments up to 24 months, with a low interest attached. That’s your best bet to own one of the super sexy, super-realistic dolls that also happen to be one of the costliest on the market. Even some of the entry models can be purchased with the help of monthly installments.

In any case, regardless of your budget limits, always buy from reputable merchants. That’s how you make sure that you receive what you’ve ordered. This is important because many scammers out there will charge you for a sex doll, and you won’t receive anything in return.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we covered pretty much everything you need to know about sex dolls, sex doll cost, best features, worst features, how to stretch a tight budget, etc. Armed with all that knowledge, you only need to choose one of the silicone sexy goddesses and make her a permanent resident in your bedroom.

Please remember that whichever you choose, she will be there for you for many years. She will never complain, she will never leave you, and she is down for all the kinky stuff you have going on. 

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