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Everything You Wanted to Know About Thick Sex Dolls

You are interested in buying yourself a thick sex doll. Yet, for some reason, you are hesitant. If you haven’t owned a sex doll before, then you probably have a ton of unanswered questions. Well, good for you as we here take a pretty solid swipe at what it takes to own a thick sex doll. Plus, down the line, we will review some pretty loveable dolls that can be there for your desires and fetishes. We will also look behind the curtain at why people love a thick and curvy sex doll.

So, stick around and see what we got for you.

Check The Best Thick Sex Doll For 2021​

Best Choice: Dominique - H Cup

As always, Dominique dominates these kinds of lists. Men just got attracted by her without knowing why.

Obviously, she is the perfect companion that people yearned for, without any of the trouble people would much rather do without.

In fact, if for any cause, you are unable to satisfy your sexual addiction – or are somehow fed up with your current sexual partner(s), then Dominique is the ideal erotic companion you need.

Caterina - B Cup

Caterina is a curvy sex doll that has it all; a massive booty, amazing B cup boobs, and a face that says, come to me with all you’ve got. She is loyal, eager, and she will never get old. Furthermore, she will never say I can’t, have a headache, or get angry because you forgot your anniversary.

In many ways, she is the ideal girlfriend. She is a bit shy on the talkative side, but she can be as dirty as you want her to.

Ethel - H Cup

The Kardashians got nothing to this super-sexy brunette. Ethel is not any average thick sex doll. Instead, she is a combination of platinum-based silicon and medical PTE. That means when you touch her and hold her, it feels like touching a live person.

With a few upgrades, she can even moan like a real person and can even start increasing its heating when the action builds up. You can even customize the boobs to feel the way you want them to feel. The only thing that feels better than touching her is penetrating her. Ethel can be there for you night and day, ready to submit to you in every possible way. 

Anae - H Cup

Anae is one fine curvy sex doll that can make your juices running without stop. Her boobs, booty, and her body- everything is exceptionally sexy. Then there is that face and those green eyes that will keep on calling you to come for more.

She can be the reason why you want to come from work as soon as possible. She won’t even mind if you are all sweaty and haven’t showered. She will have you the way you are, and that’s wonderful. Her loyalty only matches her sexiness.

Olivia - G Cup

Olivia is no ordinary thick sex doll. Olivia is one who can rock your world in ways you can’t even imagine. She can make you scream with pleasure and be there for even the dirtiest fantasies. There is no such thing as I can’t do that. She is more of a bring-it-on type of girl, and she will take anything you throw at her, no matter how hard it is.

She is made to last, to feel like real humans, and to be dead-gorgeous. Her exceptional curves are there so that you got something to grab on every time you are having fun together.

Athena - I Cup

Some say that Athena is the perfect curvy sex doll. Well, while there are many other amazing thick sex dolls out there, Athena is surely sharing the top with the best ones. So, if you want your hands full while enjoying your girl, Athena is the answer to all of your prayers.

Not only will you have your hands full, but you will feel like touching the real thing as she is soft as any human. That’s mainly because of the platinum-based silicon and the medical PTE. Another great thing about Athena is that she is very flexible. No real girl can bend the way she can and stay at that position while taking even the hardest possible pounding.

Cynthia - E Cup

By all standards, Cynthia is one of the most realistically looking sex dolls on the market. This curvy sex doll feels as soft as any woman, looks amazingly sexy, and can be ready at any time of the day or the night. She is a keeper that will never disappoint you, yell at you, say no to you, call you a sex freak, or drain your credit card.

If you love big and blonde, she is the personification of perfection. Another thing about Cynthia is that you won’t be doing any dressing as she has the perfect body matched with the perfect face. You won’t be able to look away from it.

Amy - E Cup

If it looks that great and feels that great, then she must be excellent. Amy is a thick sex doll that sets the standards. Based on her, the standards are rather high as she excels in pretty much every department. This unique beauty is designed to be there for every possible fetish one can have.

The only thing more impressive than her look and how she feels is how you will feel when pounding her relentlessly. As long as you treat her right (a bit of regular maintenance) can make her stay young and beautiful for many years. That’s free adult entertainment for many years. If you are willing to splash a few more bucks, she can increase her temperature when the fun starts and even moan like a porn star.

Emma - G Cup

One can’t talk about ultrarealistic sex dolls and not mention Emma. Of course, the only unreal thing about Emma is how sexy she looks and how soft her skin feels. But then again, that’s what you get when you buy a premium thick sex doll. Plus, you can make her even prettier and customize it so that it truly is your fantasy girl.

If you are open to spending a few more bucks, you can even make her stand on her two feet for some standing action. But even if you buy the stock version, you get a lot to be happy about, and she can be yours for many years.

Ilona - J Cup

Ilona is so sexy that she may easily be on the cover of Playboy. So many people say that she has the boobs to die for, and it seems everyone agrees with that. There is so much you can do to this busty fox once you have her by your side.

She might look as foxy as hell, but she will never leave your side. She will never argue with you, and she will never deny you any pleasure. Furthermore, she can make you a way better lover than you are while you have one hell of a time in the process.

Why Men Love Thick Women ?

From time to time, people may ask what the deal with men that love thick women is. Well, we can ask the same question about men that love women with just some skin on them and barely something to grab on. 

In any case, here is why so many men prefer thick women over skinny ones.


That extra cushion down there

Women with curves have a bit of fat above their lady patch that acts as a type of cushion in a way. That allows men to take more intense strokes, which ultimately makes the sex act way more enjoyable.


More surface area to explore

As we all know, foreplay is a super-important part of the sexual experience. Having a thick woman in your bed means that there are many areas waiting to be explored. The more you “explore,” the greater the pleasure.


Boobs and Butt Jiggle

That’s one of those things that can make men go crazy. Just the sight of jiggling boobs or butt can make almost any man’s blood boil and get those juices running hard.


Curvy girls are confident

A confident woman is a sexy woman, and that’s a fact. The thing with curvy girls is that they know how men look at them, and more importantly, why they look at them like that. That gives them the confidence to be true to themselves and act with confidence in any situation.

Why Having Sex With A Curvy Sex Doll Is More Enjoyable ?

To further explain the appeal of thick sex dolls, here is a list of reasons why men like having sex with them:


Full hands at all time

Men like it when they have something to grab on. Ideally, they want to switch between boobs and booty from time to time. That’s the common nominator for all thick sex dolls. They got an abundance of both boobs and booty.


Thick sex dolls are great for spanking

Spanking can be powerful foreplay, especially with a thick sex doll. Bending that big girl and spanking that big booty can jump-start your juices right away. Spanking a big booty simply feels right and super-sexy. On the other hand, spanking a skinny sex doll with a small ass doesn’t feel that good. Instead, it feels almost like you are beating the poor thing, instead of preparing her for the main meal.


Monica Bellucci, Christina Hendricks, Beyoncé

Some of the hottest women in the world are quite thick. Your thick sex doll can be a personification of any of these super famous celebrities. Don’t get me wrong here. We love them because of their talents, modeling, acting, singing, but we also love them because of their lustful curves. The best part is that you can arrange so that your thick sex doll features the exact thickness as they do; same boobs, same massive booty, etc.


Thick Has Been Hot Since EVER

The ideal woman was always thick with curves. It’s just that somewhere along the way, mass media made her skinny and all that. Each of the women in Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings is thick and with curves. As a matter of a fact, look at sculptures made by classical sculptors. Thick is everywhere you turn around and it is beautiful. The beauty is exciting and offers you great sex. A thick sex doll can make all that real for you.


The Latina Effect

Latina porn gets hundreds of millions of views every day. There are millions of men that are into Latina porn and that’s another fact. The thing with Latina porn is that it revolves around thick women that are from South America. That brings us to our main point, having sex with a thick sex doll feels like having sex with some super-hot, big-ass Latina. Hence, it is fulfilling a major sex fantasy for you.

The best part of all is that you can customize your thick sex doll to look like a Latina. You can arrange for your thick sex doll to have the right color skin, right booty shape, right booty size, and pretty much anything in between. You can even arrange your thick sex doll to even resemble your favorite Latina sex porn star. Having sex with one such sex doll will surely feel out of this world.


Nothing is off-limits

Girls with flesh and bones have limits, and they get insulted if you pass some of them, even unintentionally. Being limited means that you can’t get the best possible pleasure from the sex act. That can easily lead to frustrations. On the other hand, a thick sex doll won’t hand you any list of things you can do to her and things you can’t do to her. Your only limit will be your fantasy and the extent of your kinkiness.

Bottom Line

A thick sex doll can be the ultimate guilty pleasure you’ve been searching for so long, and you didn’t realize how bad you wanted it. Fun is practically guaranteed, especially if you got a dirty mind and want to experiment. If you check those boxes, then know that a thick sex doll is exactly what you need. You buy it once like the ones described above, and you can enjoy its company for many years, as simple as that. The bottom line is whether you are ready to indulge yourself with something unique and amazing or not.

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