Mighty Hot Blonde Sex Doll

Hottest Blonde Sex Dolls For You

Mighty Hot Blonde Sex Doll


Ah, the eternal charm of a hot blonde sex doll!

After all, blondes have fascinated men for ages. Winding the clock back, we first recall the 1953 Hollywood blockbuster Gentlemen Prefer Blondes starring the eternal diva, Marilyn Monroe, which in turn was based on a 1949 on-stage musical carrying the same name. Did you know that this too had a precursor in the form of the 1925 bestseller, again with the same name, viz. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes?

In this article, we review as many as fifteen enticing blonde sex dolls that can be yours forever.

Alongside, we also look at reasons for which blondes have always been the preferred choice of men for eons.

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Check The Best Blonde Sex Dolls For 2021

Anastasia - C Cup

Say Privet (Hello) to Anastasia, an irresistibly gorgeous, ultra-realistic Russian blonde sex doll.

If a Russian mail order bride is what you’ve been yearning for, then Anastasia is clearly the answer to all your prayers, wishes, and wet dreams! 😉

As you can see, her images offer a telling tale of her captivating charm. Moreover, just like other blonde sex dolls in Wonder Doll’s repertoire, Anastasia can be completely customized to your individual tastes and preferences.

Lara - C Cup

Do you fancy Angelina Jolie’s Lara Croft avatar coming to life?

Well, if you do (who doesn’t?), then hot blonde sex doll Lara is indeed what you need.

Again, as realistic as you could possibly imagine, Lara is made from the ground up to be as enthralling a sex companion as you could ever imagine.

As with all other Wonder Doll blonde sex dolls, Lara can be customized the way you want – be it her hair color, the color of her eyes, nipple size and color, and much more.

Cynthia - E Cup

The quintessential blonde sex doll, Cynthia is all about fulfilling your darkest sexual fantasies.

Voluptuous in stature with a full bodied figure, you will find it especially hard to resist Cynthia’s charms.

Draped in sheer whites, Cynthia is the perfect tease for you to get your testosterone flowing full steam.

Warning – Cynthia will leave you completely bewitched!

Amy - E Cup

Okay, as much as you fancy gorgeous white women, you prefer those with brunette hair, is it?

Well, we have you covered with stunning Amy whose lifelike persona will leave you completely besotted.

While she can be skimpily dressed in a tiny jacket and irresistible black panties, it will not take you much to take those off and enjoy her at her fully naked best!

Elizabeth - C Cup

Elizabeth, or Liz for short, is that demure blonde woman you always fantasized about.

Her rich, golden hair, coupled with two of the perkiest breasts your eyes and hands would ever have feasted upon, make it amazingly easy for men to fall for Liz’s charms.

Like some of the other hot blonde sex dolls we have reviewed here, Elizabeth loves to tease in her grey panties. Of course, we will not blame you if you cannot wait to yank them off her!

Sarah - C Cup

While the fascination for white skin among men remains particularly high, there is a clear subset that prefers redhead women.

Sarah is the embodiment of perfection when it comes to red headed sex dolls.

Customize her as much as you want, she will never complain!

Also, while she loves dressing up in black, you can take off as much or as little of her attire whenever you please.

Elsa - E Cup

Men go especially weak in the knees when they encounter a blonde woman with East Asian features.

Slim in stature, Elsa loves being submissive. No matter how dark your sexual fantasy, Elsa is always happy to give in – as long as your wishes are fulfilled.

She does enjoy herself in a two piece red colored bikini. But if you would rather have her take it all off, she will be happy to oblige.

Hester - G Cup

Bootylicious Hester is the perfect blonde sex doll to have fun and mess around with, anytime of day or night.

With her full bosom and tiny white shorts, Hester loves to play hard to get. However, once you get her home, she is of course yours forever to do whatever you want to, whenever you want to.

Oh, and did we mention the yellow flower in her hair – which we just can’t have enough of?

Daisy - C Cup

Daisy is always fun to be with, serving as your perfect companion, at home or elsewhere.

While she loves dressing up in her favorite denim shorts which she pairs with a charming yellow shirt, she knows very well that you enjoy her best stark naked.

With her eternally youthful looks, Daisy is the perfect keeper you had always dreamt about.

Cloris - G Cup

Very well endowed in her breasts, Cloris is always up for sexual fun and pleasure – whenever you are up for it yourself!

Few men can resist the appeal of her dark blonde hair coupled with her gorgeous smile.

White is her favorite color by far, reflected amply in her attire. She loves it though when you peel her white panties off!

Marie - F Cup

When it comes to HUGE, round, perky breasts, Marie can easily give all the other women in town a run for their money.

Like Cloris above, Marie too fancies herself in white the most, although she prefers being butt naked as frequently (read always!) as she can.

Her playful nature elevates her attraction quotient manifold.

Irene - F Cup

One look at Irene and you’re quite likely to not only go weak in your knees but also wet in your pants!

Her glossy lips, wavy blonde hair, and unbelievably sexy dress that leaves precious little to imagination, all contribute towards rendering her completely irresistible.

Men love her full body stature; when it comes to blonde sex dolls, Irene’s charm is truly captivating.

Julie - G Cup

Julie is like the resplendent bride you may have dreamt about getting married to – but never managed to.

She looks ravishing in a wedding dress, complete with a dazzling tiara on her blonde hair.

Julie is one girl you simply can’t wait to deflower, especially given her submissive, virginal vibes.

Mighty - F Cup

Fully living up to her name, Mighty is indeed mighty wild and wacky. Her deep blue eyes (that you can customize to any other color of your choice, in case you prefer) are bound to leave you completely enthralled.

Coupled with delectably perky breasts as well as a perfectly round, shapely ass, Mighty is clearly in a league of her own among all the hot blonde sex dolls you can find out there.

Donna - C Cup

Blonde sex doll Donna is very playful by nature. She loves sports, especially soccer.

She has an unmistakable, college girl charm to her that few men can resist, no matter how old they may be.

She loves tucking her blonde hair below a white baseball cap that she wears inversely. On or off the field, Donna is always up for games of the wildest kind! 😉

Why Do Men Find Blonde Women So Attractive?

There’s something about blondes that few men can resist. Irrespective of their own racial or cultural background, men from all walks of life have a clear weakness (or call it preference) for blondes, over other women.

In this section, we examine a series of reasons or factors that have driven such a preference among men in general.


The personification of beauty

For a long, blondes have been considered the perfect personification of beauty.

However subjective the very idea of “beauty” may be (after all, it does lie in the eyes of the beholder, doesn’t it?), white skin and blonde hair have frequently been deemed as the “ideal” form of beauty, across diverse cultures and communities.

Once such thought processes are streamlined over time in mainstream society, they tend to become the norm. As a result, you have folks across generations deeming blondes to be the most idyllic form of beauty.


A colonial hangover

Looking back in history, Europeans have ruled over much of the world for centuries. Expeditions from Great Britain as well as various parts of mainland Europe ended up conquering vast areas of the world.

Besides much of modern-day Asia and Africa, few out there realize that the Americas (including Canada and the US) as well as Australia, were originally inhabited by Native Indians and Aboriginals, respectively.

As “whites” spread across the globe, so did a seemingly perfect notion of beauty where fair skin and blonde hair rule the roost.

If you look at Asia, especially South and Southeast Asia, you will particularly find a strong association of beauty with fair/white skin. While men in these parts of the world are completely enamored by white skin and blonde hair, there’s no denying the fact that women in these places also covet blondes.


Glamorous presentation

The glamorous way in which blondes have frequently been presented across multiple platforms has only added to their perceived superiority.

If we look at the early onset of cinema, for example, the on-screen Divas were invariably blondes. Gradually, as icons like Marilyn Monroe came to the fore, the very idea of blondes being the pinnacle of beauty who was desired by men the world over became center stage.

Another instance that can be cited is that of beauty contests such as Miss World, Miss Universe, etcetera. While in recent times we have seen women from other regions including South and East Asia as well as Africa winning these beauty pageants, traditionally it has been blondes who have won maximally.

A lot of other icons such as celebrity musicians and other artists have also ended up being blondes.
Every such instance raises the bar for blondes in the eyes of men who continue looking up to them even more.


Blondes in porn

From a purely sexual perspective, the affinity towards blondes among men has been especially high because of their active presence in pornography for a long.

Porn has frequently depicted blondes as having a high appetite for sexual activity coupled with a relatively low IQ (what with all the “blonde jokes”).
Of course, any such stereotyping is completely baseless.

Yet, while objectively evaluating the reasons for which men prefer blondes, especially the reasons for which they find them attractive (for sexual activity in particular, and even otherwise), the extent to which we have seen blondes being depicted in pornography has played a significant role.


The emergence of hot blonde sex dolls

In contemporary times, men simply cannot have enough sex dolls. They provide all the pleasure without any of the pain that frequently comes in the case of a passionate relationship with a “real” woman.

Whether it is unfailing loyalty or openness for sexual activity, any time of the day or night, sex dolls never fail to deliver.

Now, all too frequently, these sex dolls are in fact blonde sex dolls.
While this may be somewhat of a ‘chicken and egg’ situation, we reckon that demand for and supply of blonde sex dolls go hand in hand; on one hand, customers prefer blonde sex dolls, indicative of a clear demand for them. On the other hand, this very demand or preference for blonde sex dolls has simply skyrocketed their supply in the market.

Summing up, as you would have noted by now, there is an entire conundrum of factors behind the strong preference for blondes among men, as well as the fact that the latter do indeed find blondes irresistibly attractive.

Things To Consider When Looking For A Blonde Sex Doll

Primarily, you must be attracted to the blonde sex doll. That is to say, its features must be striking enough to catch your attention at all times, and hold it, especially during the ‘act’.

This is where the importance of customization comes into play; Wonder Doll is renowned for the extent to which practically everybody part of the blonde sex dolls they supply can be customized.

Further, it must also be made of strong and durable material that can withstand even the most hardcore “action” that you perform with it.

Another important consideration is flexibility. With a sizzling hot blonde sex doll, you are quite likely to try a number of unique positions. Without flexibility, this will prove to be a challenge. Again, in Wonder Doll’s case, given their titanium skeleton construction, pliability comes naturally to these sex dolls, giving them the flexibility, you seek.

Finally, blonde sex dolls must be reasonable and not outrageously priced, with the possibility of flexible, ‘buy now and pay later’ payment options made available.

Final Thoughts

Summing up all the discussions that we have had, blonde sex dolls are clearly a coveted possession. The product reviews that we shared highlight the extent to which there are wide varieties of unique hot blonde sex dolls available in the market.

Further, demand and supply for these blonde sex dolls go hand in hand, equally complementing one another.
There is no doubt about the fact that men have a strong preference for blonde women. This holds true for men across cultures and regions. Now, it is of course not easy for men to have a real, blonde woman by their side at all times.

What better option then, than to go for a blonde sex doll?

After all, she will remain eternally loyal and youthful. She will also be up for sex whenever you want, in any position that you prefer, for as long as you can go on.

Now, isn’t that every man’s dream come true? 😊

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