The Enigmatic World of WM Dolls

The Enigmatic World of WM Doll

WM Dolls


There aren’t many sex dolls out there that can match up to the quality and durability offered by WM Doll. As the premium brand behind WM Sex Dolls, WM Doll enjoys an unparalleled reputation barely seen in the world of sex dolls.

In this article, we take a close look at multiple, charming sex dolls from the WM Doll stable. Reviewing each of them briefly, we will also consider the factors that make them so special. This will, in turn, offer us insights on the reasons for which so many folks specifically have a strong preference for WM Doll.

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Check The Best WM Dolls

Few can resist the charm of WM Sex Dolls. In this section, we review some of the sex dolls that are most preferred by discerning sex doll lovers like yourself.

Belen - H Cup

Belen is blessed with luscious, soft skin and gorgeous blonde hair. Her breasts are extra soft to the touch. You would enjoy sucking them all day long! Her enhanced mouth and piercing, sharp eyes are sure to keep you mesmerized, all day every day! Oh, and did we mention she will remain loyal to you forever?

Dominique - H Cup

Given her huge yet realistic breasts, you would absolutely love playing with Dominique’s tits, all day long. She is blessed with luscious black hair that shines in all its glory. Bend her over and take her from the rear; she will love you even more! Overall, it is the curvaceous stance of Dominique that her patrons simply cannot have enough of.

Clarrie - D Cup

Clarrie is your perfect answer to all the prayers you have made about keeping you warm in the long, harsh winters. Very well prepared to face the cold herself with a wide range of winter apparel, Clarrie is always ready to take everything all off in a flash, just for you. Among all her charms, it is her startling gaze that always makes her man go weak in their knees.

Caterina - B Cup

If there ever was a prize for a sex doll that looked as enchanting in the buff even while seated, Caterina would win it hands & pants down! She is full bodied with enthralling shoulder length blonde hair. Caterina is always ready for action in a variety of positions. With her, it is simply a question of whether you will be able to keep pace with her insatiable appetite for passion.

Molly - B Cup

Those of you who enjoy their sex dolls to be slim yet curvy at just the right places, will simply be blown over by Molly. Endowed with beautiful, long black hair and a charming smile, Molly is the perfect Princess to possess. She likes to be pampered with long, deep kisses. Molly is completely loyal – once you get her, she is yours forever.

Anastasia - C Cup

If you have always had the hots for a dream Russian girl, then Anastasia is here to turn your dreams into reality! Complete with a Minsk hat, gorgeous golden blonde hair, brown eyes, luscious lips, and typical Russian bombshell looks, Anastasia has everything going for her to fulfill even your darkest fantasies. Of course, you can customize any of her attributes to your liking – as with all WM Dolls!

Auburn - B Cup

So many of us men (and women!) fantasize about red-haired women. Auburn brings all those fantasies to life. Small in stature – at 5 feet 2 inches, she is easy to hold and place in a variety of positions that you fancy. Her supple and firm breasts are a treat to fondle and play with. Yes, the piercing on her navel is her piece-de-resistance!

Lara - C Cup

Lara is every bit reminiscent of the Lara Croft avatar of Angelina Jolie that you saw in the movies. While dressed the same way, this WM Doll has an even greater oomph factor about her, especially as you undress her. That shapely, toned body, coupled with an ever-pleasing attitude to serve you the way you want makes her every patron’s delight!

Raven - C Cup

Every bit ravishing in her jet-black hair and well-tanned body, Raven is just the perfect WM Sex Doll that you could get your hands on. Standing 5 feet 5 inches tall, she has an incredible athletic physique that so many sex doll lovers yearn for. Moreover, her luscious lips and gorgeous eyes especially make her hard to resist!

Shae - D Cup

Shae fulfills your earnest wish for a WM Doll with East Asian features. Notwithstanding various stereotypes that abound, Shae is amply endowed with ideal D Cup, extra soft breasts. Her auburn-colored hair enhances her attraction quotient manifold. She is supple to the touch and always open to multiple sex positions.

Julie - C Cup

Taking centerstage among young, petite, blonde WM Dolls is Julie. You will absolutely love her incredibly soft and perky breasts. Julie loves to tease so make sure to pamper her well. Despite her youthful age, she is capable enough to please you perfectly, whether vaginally, orally, or anally. Tip – Soft whispers into her ears especially turn her on!

Sophia - B Cup

Yet another of those irresistible, nubile, sex dolls from the unrelenting WM Doll collection, Sophia plays her charm card perfectly to the ‘t’. Just 5 feet in stature, she is easy to maneuver any way you like. Sophia’s specialty lies in the fabulous way she combines the best of both worlds – East Asian features, with dark blonde hair and unmatched flexibility.

Ethel - H Cup

Of course, Ethel’s piece de resistance are her massive breasts. Alongside, she is every bit the big lady you would love to have by your side, standing 5 feet 6 inches tall. Yet, she keeps herself slim and fit. You will especially like Ethel’s beady, brown eyes and enchanting red lips. Overall, Ethel’s a worthy keeper among the numerous WM Dolls on offer.

Sophie - E Cup

Sophie is your dream come true, blonde cowgirl who can ride you in the cowgirl position forever (and a day!). Her long, blonde curly hair is sure to get your testosterone rolling! She likes to play dirty all the time. Bend her over and take her from behind – she will love it! Yes, as a prime WM Doll offering, she can be customized anyway you like.

Pinky - L Cup

There are so many of us who like our women voluptuous and curvy. Pinky is the epitome answer to all such wishes. You simply cannot have enough of her gargantuan L Cup breasts. Moreover, this is one hell of a hot blonde who is especially well endowed in her posterior. So, bend her over and let your carnal instincts take charge with her!

Kindr - H Cup

If you have always dreamt of having your very own pet bunny WM Sex Doll, then Kindr is here to give wings to your dreams. She has MASSIVE breasts that are both enormously handful and mouthful! Kindr is especially suited for those who like their sex dolls to be tall, since she stands at a full 5 feet 8 inches. Rest assured, curvy blonde Kindr can be very naughty between the sheets!

Mazikeen - M Cup

Petite (at just 4 feet 11 inches) with HUGE breasts – that’s Mazikeen in a nutshell. She is aware of the spell her breasts cast on her fans. That is why, she never shies away from highlighting them to everyone around. A beret like hat on her head only adds to her charm. Mazikeen is always armed (somewhat literally with guns!) for you to take her in any position you prefer.

Laylani - M Cup

Laylani is yet another petite (4 feet 11 inches in height) yet extremely well-endowed WM Doll. Her large breasts and hips give her an oomph appeal which is very tough to resist – why should you anyway! Her jet-black hair, coupled with big, beady eyes that are always gazing into you make her even more irresistible. She loves dressing up in black, but hey, you can dress her up in anything – or nothing!

Emani - B Cup

Emani almost has a childlike appearance, thus giving her that nubile young girl’s sex appeal. She is bubbly and loves to be naughty all the time. Wearing a baseball cap in reverse, she fits perfectly into the college girl mold that we see so much of in everyday college girls these days. Her doe eyes and brunette hair only add to her charm.

Lori - D Cup

Tall in stature at 5 feet 8 inches, Lori stands out for her dark black hair and very well-tanned skin tone. Lori always loves frolicking around completely in the buff. When that is not possible, she wears only the skimpiest of clothes. Her medium breasts and a stark gaze have their own fan base among WM Sex Doll lovers.

Shay - H Cup

WM Doll Shay is serious about her sexual rendezvous and her voluptuous figure with huge breasts says it all. She is full-bodied, standing tall at 5 feet 8 inches with an idyllic figure that is slim at the waist and curvy elsewhere. While romping in bed, Shay likes to be in charge. If you are one of those who likes to be submissive, then Shay is perfect for you!

Etta - H Cup

Etta is the Goddess of Sex, period. She is so proud of her sensuality and charm that she even wears a Tiara on her head as validation of her Queen-like stature. Her large-sized figure with a huge bust as well as a very shapely, irresistible figure render her one of the finest WM Dolls. While Etta is happiest in the nude, her favorite attire color is black.

Jenesis - H Cup

Gorgeous blonde WM Doll Jenesis loves to play dirty at all times. Being an H Cup, she’s obviously very busty. Further, her large, statuesque figure makes her every man’s dream. As with other WM Dolls she loves being in the nude at all times. When dressed, she loves being dolled up in red. Fishnet stockings are her favorite, by the way!

Jaylee - G Cup

Blonde girl Jaylee takes awesomeness to the next level! Her long, curly, golden hair easily makes most men go weak in their knees. We have to say her figure is absolutely perfect – as desired by most men, with a big bust and hips, well complemented by a slim waist. She wears these lovely transparent panties that she is ready to take off in a flash, whenever you are up for “action”!

About WM


When it comes to the enchanting world of sex dolls, if there is one name that consistently comes up trumps, it is WM. WM Dolls have clearly taken this entire space by storm. Today, it is virtually impossible to imagine fine-quality sex dolls without finding WM Doll to be their producer.

How did WM manage to attain such a stature in this realm?

We dig a little deep to help you know a little more about WM and WM Dolls.

Why do doll lovers like WM Dolls?

It is the outstanding quality of sex dolls produced by WM Dolls that makes it the favorite of connoisseurs in this realm. The flexibility offered by these dolls is second to none.

Moreover, it is also about durability. Remember that those purchasing sex dolls or generally partaking in this hobby do end up spending a pretty penny, with each doll costing thousands of dollars. In such a scenario, they would like to see their dolls staying intact and remaining usable for a reasonable period of time. WM Dolls practically guarantee that, especially due to the titanium skeleton inside each of them, making them a favorite among enthusiasts of this hobby.

The use of TPE

TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer gives the sex dolls made by WM enormous pliability. They can be twisted, bent, or turned over in practically any direction, without damaging the doll. This is a material that is long-lasting and durable in nature. It is also strong in its construction, extreme temperatures, the application of fluids, corrosion, etc. are unlikely to cause any damage to dolls made with TPE.


Another significant reason for which enthusiasts in this segment prefer WM Sex Dolls is the enormous variety in which they are offered. In this article alone, we have reviewed 24 of the finest WM Dolls. There are, of course, many other dolls in the WM stable.

Yet again, things boil down to the reasonable investment made by patrons such that they would like to receive exactly what they prefer. With WM, there is prolific variety, whether in terms of racial features, skin tone, height, weight, girth, bust size, posterior, etc. There is practically no penchant held by even the most stringent sex doll lover that cannot be fulfilled by dolls from WM.

WM Doll Customzation

WM Doll Customization Options

Another important reason for which enthusiasts in this hobby prefer WM Dolls is the enormous customization options that are available. This is such an important aspect for so many doll lovers out there that we have covered it in a separate section here.

With WM, take almost any doll and you can easily customize practically every aspect of it. Once again, think of the sizable investment made by doll lovers in this realm. Alongside, also think about the emotions attached to such a purchase. Getting a sex doll is in many ways getting yourself a companion whom you could indulge yourself with, not just sexually but emotionally as well.

With such a deep connection between we doll lovers and our dolls, we would like to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that we have nothing but the best, most idyllic doll to ourselves. For many connoisseurs, it is a matter of intense pride that we have in our possession, a sex doll of which there is probably no other replica, anywhere else in the world.

With WM, the customization options at hand are practically relentless. These include:

  • Hair type
  • Hairstyle
  • Eye color
  • Tongue
  • Nail paint on the fingers
  • Breast type
  • Nipple color and size
  • Vagina appearance and color
  • Pubic hair (its absence or presence), if present, then its style
  • Toenails
  • Enhanced skeleton
  • Body heating & smart moaning
  • Hyperrealism body painting
  • Freckles on face or body

And more!

As we just mentioned, the customization options in the case of WM Doll are well and truly unrelenting.

Are WM Dolls realistic?

Since this is a common question often inquired about by aspiring enthusiasts in this hobby, we would like to assert upon the ultra-realistic nature of sex dolls from the WM Doll stable.

This aspect has been confirmed repeatedly by newbies in this realm who confused a WM Sex Doll with a real lady. The overall features and appearance are so realistic that such confusion is bound to arise even among the most seasoned of pros in this space.

This is clearly a true testimony to the high quality standards maintained by WM. In pursuit of achieving desired production volumes or fulfilling tons of dolls from doll lovers around the world, WM has not ended up compromising on quality. Any visit made to its Jinsan factory will amply ratify this assertion.

Moreover, we find the realistic aspect to remain sacrosanct, whether it is a TPE sex doll or a platinum-based Silicone one. Otherwise, we have observed in a lot of cases that the realistic quotient comes down, depending on the primary construction material used to make these dolls. Not so with WM!

Final Thought

The unrelenting COVID-19 pandemic (ongoing at the time of writing this piece) has left a lot of souls lonely. Combined with incessant travel bans and social distancing norms, people have been left to themselves now, possibly more than ever.

Alongside, it is about regular factors such as divorces or dismay with current partners. When you combine this with the exemplary quality of sex dolls offered by WM, there are just too many reasons for which their demand continues to skyrocket. The quality, variety, customization options – all of which we explored previously in this article, point towards a trend where the demand for WM Dolls will rise further in a big way.

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