How to Join The Doll Forum and Leave a Review

The Doll Forum is the largest sex doll community in the world.

We sex doll lovers hang out there, and share our thoughts and experiences.

We encourage you to join the Doll Forum to share and learn anything g related to sex dolls!

How to Join The Doll Forum

1. Enter The Doll Forum Here.

2. Click “Register”.

3. Agree with their terms.

4. Input your login details (username, password etc.). Then click “Submit”.

5. You will get an activation email. Click the activation link and your accut will be activated.

How to Leave a Review on The Doll Forum

After you received your sex doll, you might want to leave a review to share your experience. This can help other doll lovers too!

1. Click Here to enter the page to leave a review.

2. Click on “New Topic”.

3. Enter the subject. It can be “My Sex Doll Finally Arrived” or “Just got my sex doll from Wonder Doll” or anything else.

4. In the description section, write your review. You can add some photos of your doll if you want to.

5. Lastly, click “Submit”. Now you have shared your experience and you are helping millions of doll lovers!